You Hold the Key

You Hold the Key

6:29:41pm 12/30

“The Words that I send through to you
Will help you out with what you do.
Will help you with your circumstance
And give you hope and give a chance.

Chance to seek the WORDS renown
And find yourSELF within these bounds.
The factors rest aside of thee
And hold you safe in reverie.

For now these Words will hold you wide
And keep you safe and keep you fine.
I would like to say to those who read your column,
That more is to come for them to follow.

That more of MY WORDS are sent to them wide
To help them to truly find themselves inside.
For in each the others they do hold the KEY
That will help them to find themselves here with ME.

For I do remain in the depths of your BEINGS
And hold you there safe and wait for your seeing.
I wait here most truly, I wait deep inside
And you soon will find yourSELF THERE ere wide.

Release all your ACTIONS and bring them on forth
And you will remain in these Actions of course.
But Truth will belie and keep you ere main.
You step on these Actions and keep them again.


My hope in these Actions is that you will SEE
That your strength and your laughter does rest now with ME.
Does rest in the viewing of each all the faces
That you do hold wide now here for the traces.

So come to your senses (SENSES ) that You Hold The KEY
And bring yourselves wide in truth now to ME.
For in this beginning your strength does take hold
And you will find yourselves there ever bold. 6:35:15pm 12/30/03

This one that you seek will give you onto
A helping now hand to help you with THE VIEW.
And give you your ACTIONS and STEPS to open wide
So you can now truly find yourselves there now wide.”

6:36:01pm 12/30

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