To ‘SEE’ With New Eyes

9/8 7:01:27am

“The Words that I do send to you

will help them out with what they do.

For they do seek another Image

to help them through their various scrimmage.

For ever after bring to ones

The Answers ever under the Sun (Son).

The time has come for them to de-cease

and find ThemSELVES Within This Peace.

This Peace resides in the Depth of you

and holds you safe to bring You through.

The Passage Here has come full force

and you will find YourSELF, of course.

So give yourself another View (‘see’ things with different ‘eyes’)

of what is happening in the zoo.

To See Things with different Eyes has been the challenge of All since your births. You have come to the cross roads of which way to point your eyes; to bring them to the Truth of your Beings and gain the magic of your Seeings.

I stand here as a Re-Membrance for you to help you as you Re-Discover (dis-cover). Find for yourselves the results of your days and ways. ( daze and weighs).

You are in a daze most of the time, a daze that clouds your vision. The Vision that I speak of, The Truly True Vision that is imbedded deep Within your Being .

This Truth does reside within your Being

and holds you safe there for your ‘See’-ing.

But ever after find a away

to succumb to THIS MADNESS Here today.

THIS MADNESS, that I speak of, will hold you there wide

and bring you to the Truth, the Truth Open Wide.

For you have Within the depths of your Being

The Results and The Trueness of All that you are seeing.


These WORDS that I send you here now, My Dears.

This child (Gerri), ever more, will follow Her Way

that has been laid out in Magic today.

And you, very ones, who read with IN-SIGHT

will garner this knowledge here in This LIGHT. 7:06:48am

These Words that I send thee will soon hold you strong

as the Vibrations within them connect you there on.

These Words, as the Others, that have held you in place

will guide you and soothe you and bring you to Grace.

The Grace there Within does Open your Being

and helps you discover the depths of your ‘See’ing.

I leave you here now, as the Dawn leaves the Light

to come once again after the Dark of the Night.

The Night of your Darkness that blocks you unto

will be lifted most ever here in the stew.”

9/8 7:08:20am

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