6:59:20am 9/9

“The Words that I do send to you

Will continue on with what you do.

For Here is After Thought you see

That brings you closer, closer to me.

To say to them that listens wide

That I have come right by your side.

To bring you love and discernation

Of All that’s present in This Nation.

The Nation rests aside each one

Holding their images under the Sun (Son).

For ever after shall you see

The beauty that resides in thee.

That resides in each the other

As you sit and call you brothers.

For in this day and in this night

There’s ever after True de-Light.

The day and night of which I speak

Is of the mind right now to peek.

The mind in dark remunerates

Until the Light it’s soul does take.

It takes the Light right to It’s Being

And holds It safe Within your seeing.

The dark, I speak of is of defense

Where Love and laughter are on the fence.

But bring the Light into your Being

And the dark will away in a moment of your ‘seeing’.

That All IS WELL This Side of Thee

And All IS WELL for you to BE.

Just BE the Ones you ought to BE,

The ones that you set out to see

And come now hither, come now on

Re-membering ever that you are strong .

That you are strong in mind you see?

And in your hearts and souls to be.

That more does falter from you with de-light

And brings you closer Here in this Night.

This is the Night of your soul’s recuperation

Where it is now being sought in the nation.

Where your soul find it’s way into your very Being

And holds you there safely now for your ‘seeing’.

I say this to you with broad ever Vision

In hopes you will ‘see’ that THERE IS NO DIVISION.

No Division ever, no division you see?

But perfect communion in All Here To BE.

7:04:51am 9/9

Today is the day of your true broad desires

To fulfill now the actions that you now do aspire.

The actions set forth before with your kin

To help you on out of this world (whirl) that you’re in.

Just step from this fashion, just step with repose

And you will find out the results of this hose.

The hose is the pipeline of fragrance you see

That includes All My Words that I send now to thee.

To give to the others is now your command

To bring them relief from their selves in this band.

This band now of energy where you find yourself on.

The places you walk through and bring yourself Dawn.

For it is here you dis-cover the traits of your Kin

And hold them together as you Truly Walk in.

Walk in to your Being, Walk in to your Souls,

Walk in through the darkness, the Light Here suppose. 7:07:50.

Forever now after I come here again

To bring now My Words through the help of this pen.” 7:08:15 communication.

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