The Images

The Images

5/06 7:37:37am

“The IMAGES, that will be the name of this part of your excursions here. The IMAGES.

The IMAGES are those views that you hold that do keep you settled in your ways, in the ways of the world within which you exist.

The IMAGES are the thoughts and reminders that you have that cause you so much pain within.

They are the remembrances of days (daze) gone past that keep you imprisoned, stuck in this realm of illusion.

You have come to another stepping stone. A place for forgiving yourself and others.

That place of remembering causes this upheaval. That place of remembering all that has come to pass and all that will be to be.

I have given you these Images as a chance to capture your wisdom from Within.

You can see them in your mind’s eye but choose to dismiss them as illusion . So the illusions that you seek are the Reality that you See and the reality that you see are the illusions that you seek.

Find your way through this puzzle and more shall come to you at last. For it is in this knowing that all shall be freed. Freed to be the ones that you set out to be, freed to be the ones that can contribute to the love for each other there. For in this love you find your contentment, in this True Love you gain your wisdom and healing. For without this LOVE all will be lost to the empire that encroaches upon you there.

Find your Way to ME in the darkest hours of your passage here and much will be discovered for you there and HERE.

I have gone before you to Light the WAY and the Truth and the Light.

And in this passage from there to HERE ALL has been gained for you there.

You are the ones to remind yourselves of these illusions and to gain your perspective on these trials as they encroach upon you there.

Find this to be true and MORE shall come to Pass ( more things and more people).

I have come here before and shall come again to leave you with My Words for you to put to pen and in this new contraption that you call your sense of worth.

You will find a way to release them now – a birth. A birth of new excitement that you have stepped beyond the fear and more illusion that has kept you set upon.

For in this truth you’re seeing you find ANOTHER WAY

to bring your hearts contentment to ME along THE WAY. 7:43:43 = 777

(“777′ means Angles applaud you, your wish is coming true, expect miracles.)

7 is the number of spiritual truth you see

and it follows you now daily to help you now to see.

that you have come a long way to find your new demand.

And you will open always to the construction of THIS BAND.

For WE do serve around you as you do serve your kin

And WE who walk about you do want you back again.

5/6 7:44:40am

( ‘444’ means the Angels are surrounding you , reassuring you of their love and help.)

Do enter on your web a few new Words to see
For them to find their way now centered here with ME.
For they are not sequestered, of left to their demands
They are held in Light that depends on now This Band.

This Band of Angels ever who stand aside of thee
To help you out most clearly with these WORDS that are sent from ME.
The Words will guide you ever in the Truth of what you see
And they will gain you never a powder puff to be.”

7:46:10 am 5/6 Thursday

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