9/13 7:12:12am

1+2 and 1+2 = ’33’means all things are possible.

” THE WORDS that I have left for you

will help them out now, in the zoo.

The is place of learning brings you mirth

as you do settle by your birth.

This Place of Actions brings galore

the meanings of your heart’s implore.

To settle in the depths of thee

to settle Here and meet with ME.

For ever after shall you ‘See’

with Brand New Eyes in front of ME.

Now I shall speak to you in the Words of your kin. The Words that will help them to understand that ALL is the Action that they need ever take, The Action that will bring them to Me, to ThemSelves, to The Heart of the Matter (body), to the searching of their soul’s reposition.

For they have come thus far in the meeting of their ways to SEE with those ‘New Eyes’, to HEAR with those ‘New Ears’.

You have come at this time to help them to operate on a New Dimension of Existence .

You are the One to be doing that here. You are the One at this time here.

For with you and they, ALL will be accomplished in this era.

Send My Words to them as the dawn strikes the day. And the Dawn Will Strike Them As Well.

They will ‘See’ and ‘Hear’ and ‘Know’ what it is they are to be knowing. For in the After Life All is One and understood.

7:16:32am =10

7+1+6+3+2 = the # ’10’

( ’10’ means Balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. A reminder you are One with God and to feel the Presence of your Creator’s Love Within you. The situation has come full circle.)

The information that I would like to say unto you at this time is that You are One. All are together in this endeavor to return to Me, to return to that place Within where they seek to say, “There is rest.” The search takes them so far away from ThemSELVES. But, the search is beginning, on some levels, to return to The Source of it All.

It is the Time for these machinations to stop. To find Within their peace and repose, to take the time to observe for themselves the results of their daze (days) and weighs (ways). The weighs that I speak of are the many opportunities that pass on by.

It is what you weigh out, what you think upon; where your mind takes you instead of Within. it takes you with out. And then you are with-out, without the companionship of Me, without the companionship of You, without YourSELVES; out of your bodies, so to speak. But take YOU out of your mind and All Will Be Well.

In this Quiet Place where All does reside much can be learned and deciphered. For it is in the Light of this Madness that revelation occurs, that Awareness arrives and All makes some sense.

I grant you the opportunities and the offerings. It is up to you to take The Call and come to reside in the Best of It ALL.

For it is Here that you shall See and that you shall find and that you shall reside in Peace ever more. In the Peace that exists amidst the strides and strife of your days (daze), Re-Member With Me. Re-connect, Re-join, Re-find YourSELVES and Miracles occur.

Miraculous events seem real enough, but This Miracle of Connection is the Miracle of Miracles. It is the ‘Mirror’. It is the Realm of the Souls’ connection to the One.

It is in this feeling that Peace resides and All anguish subsides. It is Within.

How do you get there? Is the question on your minds.

In the quiet moments of your Birth, in the quiet moments of your ‘See’-king (seek-ing), in the quiet moments, alone with Me, not alone from the world, alone with Me; connected most ever here by the Sea. (See)”

7:24:42am = ’10’

’10’ means Balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. A reminder you are One with God and to feel the Presence of your Creator’s Love Within you. The situation has come full circle.

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