“Working with Gerri has been a deeply moving experience. Her soothing presence with Spirit makes each session a Divine healing encounter. During one session, Gerri led me to an energetic experience of the ‘original betrayal’, relating to my personal issues of trust. In another session, Gerri performed a soul retrieval and gently guided me through difficult periods of my life. With this new wholeness experience, I now call upon my Self and feel empowered in every day interactions. Powerfully revealing and healing, Gerri is a divine gift and I am grateful our paths have crossed.” GL

“As a fellow Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Gerri’s sessions are amazing! Her presence is deeply healing and supportive. I leave feeling more peaceful, connected and with a clearer sense of how the past can impact the present and my future. I highly recommend Gerri’s work.” MGB

“My work with Gerri led me to identify traumatic experiences in my life; some were evident while others were not. I experienced an intense physical sensation of tightening in my solar plexus which Gerri saw energetically as a grandfather clock would too tightly. After she unwound and released it, I relaxed and felt great relief. Metaphorically speaking, Gerri also observed shackles on my ankles that have represented an attachment to my late husband. She released them and in doing so, removed the connection .” E

“Thank you Gerri for the healing session. It is hard to describe what happened to me, but I felt a profound sense of being supported. I went from feeling anxious about what I was wanting in my life to feeling peace. And then about a month after our session my heart opened to really embrace my life purpose. What I loved the most about was how you connected with my grandmother who is in spirit. I wasn’t expecting it I guess, but when I heard her message through your voice, I felt as though I had come home. The homework you offered me has become a part of a ritual that I do with my family, and this has brought more gratitude and peace into our home. I can’t wait to do this again to see what else is in store for me!” A.R.

TESTIMONIALS Regarding Gerri’s Seeds of Awakening Meditation CD

Seeds of Awakening

“Gerri has done a beautiful job of balancing guided meditation with time periods set aside for inner guided meditation. Each guided meditation is followed with a track of soothing music that gives the listener further opportunity for a deeper level of consciousness. It is easy to drift off instantly with Gerri’s calm soothing voice and light background music. This is a great CD for those that want to learn how to meditate and then explore some travels on their own.” Patty

“This Meditation CD is getting rave reviews… it quickly places you in that place of higher awareness, making it very easy to transition into meditation without a fidgeting and wandering mind.” Wendy, Garden Plum

“Seeds of Awakening, to me, is a fantastic meditation CD. It really helps me after a particularly heavy reading day or an intense location from my investigation work. It allows me to ground and clear my mind to be able to focus on the following projects ahead. The Father Sky Chakra Clearing and Mother Earth Chakra Clearing being my two favorites. The guided meditation is clear and easy to follow and the instrumental really does take you on ‘that’ Journey. All in all, a must for any Spiritual workers collection!” Gavin Cromwell, Psychic Medium

TESTIMONIALS Regarding Gerri’s Mentorship Program

I was drawn to take Gerri’s Mentorship class after attending a few Spiritual and Development Circles and a workshop last year. I could feel a spiritual calling but had no idea what direction to pursue or even if I was meant to pursue it! After the first class I knew I was in the right place.

Gerri offers a menu of methods to clear your energy, deepen your intuition and increase your awareness of the Light healing wounds in your life and others. Her style is always welcoming, encouraging and gentle. The auric record clearing practice sessions and group sharing added to my growth and helped me to apply my new knowledge and skills quickly.

I am fundamentally changed since taking this class: more intuitive, more connected to Spirit and more grounded than ever.
I would highly recommend Gerri’s Spiritual Mentorship course to anyone who is wishing to explore their spiritual path as well as deepen their spiritual growth. S.

“I will forever be grateful for taking Gerri’s mentorship class. The level of self-awareness I have gained in just a few months has been instrumental in my spiritual and psychic development” Stephanie

Gerri DeSimone’s Auric Record Clearing Mentorship Program combined with her weekly Circle gatherings have truly transformed my spiritual development. Gerri is a kind soul who works through Love and Light to bring out each individual’s highest and best. Her Auric Record Clearing process is a gentle yet effective method for asking Light to release past woundings, to clear the energy, and to fill each chakra with its antidote – the physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual essence which restores the soul on its Way.

Using her original meditation CD’s and a wide range of mystical mantras and music, Gerri creates a serene, supportive environment for achieving her vision to “Find Peace Within.” In order to facilitate Auric Record Clearing, mediumship, and channeling, she offers helpful suggestions and tools, including the following: creating sacred space; calling in Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters; understanding and clearing the chakras; incorporating psychometry; and offering specific language for spiritual protection. The group process was enlightening and empowering because it allowed me to hear and understand the experiences of like-minded empaths. I enjoy the friendships I have formed. I highly recommend Gerri’s Mentorship Program and weekly Circles to anyone who is seeking spiritual awakening and advancement.

With deep gratitude, C.