9/15 7:06:58am

“The WORDS that I bring through to you
will help them out with what they do.
Will help them with their further notions
that more is seldom in the ocean.

For they have seen, but once before,
The Image of the Open Door.
The Open Door of which I speak
will take to them within a week.

Will take to them and follow through
the results of the madness in the zoo.
The madness that I speak on here
is of the madness that they hear.

That they hear on this land full worn,
the madness ever full of scorn.
But Truly Madness with an ‘M’
that ‘s capitalized is from This Pen.

This Madness ever brings you through
to find Your Way now, from the stew.
The stew is where you reside upon
and live your days (daze) and See Beyond.

But truly after you are spent
not knowing if you are ever bent.
But you have come full force it seems
and find your Madness in your dreams.

And hold them safe and full of scorn
for not now knowing that you are ever worn.
Are ever worn as of This Coat
that circles around you In The Boat.

For In The Boat you shall now ‘see’
with Brand New Eyes in front of Me.
With Eyes full worn of passions given
that held you wide in deep division.

But now these Eyes of which I speak
will hold you wide, no fear to seek.
No fear to find the depths of you
just Love inside now, for the few.

For the few and for the many
Who stand around you henny penny. 7:11:26am
The Second Step is wide you see.
The Second Step is connect with Me.

Connect in Love and deep desire
to bring YourSELVES now ever Higher.
Higher to the place you see
where you Reside in the Depths of Me.

Higher ever after, too,
Higher here now, in the zoo.
The zoo of which I speak well worn
is This Place of Laughter and not scorn.

This place of Light-ness in your vision
that will hold you wide without Division.
No chance to fall now, from This View
as you now walk in This Action, too.

To Love your neighbor as yourselves
is the First now Step that I do tell.
And then the Forces open wide
For you to SEE ME and not hide,

For you to see ME in their Beings
And hold Us All in your Inner Seeings.
To hold Us safe within to Be
and bring YourSELVES now, closer to Me.

For ever after be this one
that holds you safe now under the Sun (Son).
My Actions take you close in view
and give you Love and Actions, too.

For you can settle here now worth
the troubles that you encounter with birth.
Your birth, this land does truly see
is where you start your Reverie.

This Reverie that holds you hidden
Is lifted now, with no derision.
For you have hidden YourSelf from thee
now hold it wide in My reverie.

Now hold it wide in your clear vision
so you can see without divisions
That All does stand now, for the course,
to bring YourSELVES Here now, of course.

No recourse will you ever seek
but to find your Way to Me this week.
This be the Time, This be the Place
for happiness to not erase

Not erase your Madness given
For it beholds you full of Chrism.


Communicate now, and send your Love
to those around you and those Above
For they do hold you in safe regard
And will give you Love too, from Here to guard.

To guard you ever in your depths of your doing
as you are learning the depths of your viewing.
I leave you now in full Bright Light
and hold you safely in My Sight.

7:18:24am 9/15

To Love Thy Neighbor as Thy SELF
And To Love Thy God upon The Shelf. “

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