9/17 6:45am

“The Notions that I send to thee
will help you in your reverie.
The reverie of which I speak
is the days (daze) and actions that you tweak.

The days and actions taken hold
That keep you limited here, not bold.
Release these actions and forsooth
you’ll find more Action here’s the Truth.

The Truth resides in the midst of thee
and holds you safe so you can ‘SEE”.
SEE the Actions Here Beyond
that hold you safe and carry you on.

Hold them closely to your soul
And you shall find your Peace full fold.
The Means and Actions of your youth,
will hold you wide and bring you Here forsooth.

Forget the passage from the past
and hold to the future Here at last.
Re-Member with the Likes of ME
and you will find YourSELF there, see?

I shall go now into Step #3 as you have requested.
Step three is the Nature Package.
The Nature Package that enfolds you ever.,
The Nature of the world, the nature of YourSELVES,

the Nature that exists within the world it self.
For it is in Nature that ALL comes together; where All is SEEN with Magical EYES; where every action reflects the WHOLE, Where no angst is felt or seen, but only the turnings of the wheels of karma, cause and effect, actions and results, peace not war, friendship not envy, joy not sadness, intelligence, not stupidity. More One than The Other. All connected in Unison of the Universe. The Universal Occupation. The Space of ONEness. The Place of No Divide, the Space of No Contusion of Delusions. Given in the request of thee, given in the Actions of your Souls’ desires; given in request of your actions taken.

So thus it can be changed, the results can be shifted. You are the cause of it all. You have brought this to yourselves for your soul’s growth at this time. You will ‘See’ clear your way in time. The time that it takes to ‘See’ with those Brand New Eyes.

The Eyes of Your Being, The Eyes of Your Soul,
The Place Within you that never does scold.
But holds you in Love and Peace and in Light
and gives you A-Way to find YourSELF tonight.


I have come to your side in this day to bring to you the help, to guide you in your looking, to help you in your Seeing, to bring to you the supposition that More is at work that you can ‘See’. That there is a set of rules of Nature that encompass the few and the many, the ones who See and Hear and those who do not.

For it is in the seeing that the soul find its Way Back Home. And many are on the edge of that existence and many are helping to teach the others, More is to come .

The Love of Nature leads the way. For it is in Nature that All shall be revealed, the nature of people, the nature of plants, the nature of animals and the nature of the Universal Mind.

The Mind that connects you All together. The Mind that encompasses the Universal Thought Pattern.

As you ‘See’ you will Re-Member that All are connected in Unison with ME; that All cannot be divided; that Energy cannot be destroyed; that Members of the Whole are Members in ThemSELVES.

How to get Here? In the midst of your day dream, stop and ‘See’.

Bring yourself to your new awareness and find your relief.

Find your section of the Peace (piece). Find the Place where you can go; that Place Within that no one can take from you; that Place of quiet understanding and remuneration. 6:59am

I continue onward with this Step because of its significance in your learnings’. The Learnings that bring you to ME. The Learnings that help them to ‘see’. The Learnings that cause you to come to your Senses.

The Senses that cause you to take Light from the muck and the mire that has embraced you there, but shall be alleviated in this awareness in this Self- Real-Eye- zation.

Come to the Magic that enfolds you here on

and you will away to YourSELF in the Dawn ( awakening, enlightenment). ”

7:01am = (8 which means transformation . A phase of your life is about to end. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t procrastinate making your moves or enjoying the fruits of your labor.)

9/17 7:03am

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