9/19 6:53:33am

(’33’ means all things are possible.)

“The Words that I have sent to you
are meant to bring the Best in View.
For they have seen their fortitude
does settle in their attitude.

Some can come and some can go
but these are WORDS they need to know.
This Step is the Step that takes them to the ends of the earth
That is the Love To Travel.

To travel and to see that All are the same dressed in different clothing; that each has a heart, soul and mind; that each has fears, doubts and worries; that each have come for the purpose of their learning on this earth of Mine.

Each are welcome here, each are welcome in their heart’s, soul’s and mind’s.

To Travel and to See
will help with this Reverie.
But the wishes of the demands of many
do stop you there most henny penny.

Henny penny does mean, onto,
that You are seldom in your view.
But often ever there afloat
lost in the waters without your boat.

Lost in turmoil, ever see.
as you are NOT connected to Me.
Connected to the View that ALL is Well
and that you cannot now return to hell.

For you do see with Clearer Vision
that More is to come for you in this Mission.

This is your Mission as you Walk upon these Waters. You are here for the purpose of finding the activity of your Souls’ Desires and to use and re-use them here. You cannot now, find YourSELVES hidden in your books you must begin your Travels.

These Travels, that I speak of, are the places that you go to bring your Words to them, to the others there, whomever they be, who need and will listen to Another Point of View.

They are here and welcomed. They remain inside their beings. For ever after they will see that they are the cause of their own malcontent; that their fears and their worries of what others do, think and say, cause them to confine themselves in their frustration.

Re-Membering with Me as you travel through your days (daze), will help keep you centered in the Truth of the situation, that all is illusion, that circumstances present themselves to help to define for you your actions in these days here, that help you see your progress as you turn within for your answers; not waiting for answers from others, but defining the Truth that resides Within in there.

So travel, yes, many miles. Travel in thought, words and deed.

Travel Beyond and Within
Travel also with your Kin.
And you will see as you circle about
just what This World is All about “.

9/19 7:01:35am

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