9/21 7:47:04am

“To bring to you My WORDS unto
to send to them now, in the stew.
For they have ever found THIS ONE
to be their Savior Here begun.

To give the next Step close to thee
to help them in their reverie.
The reverie of which I speak
is the illusion they live in, Here to peek.

To connect with Spirit one, two ,three
Is now, the cause of This Reverie.
To find the Answers inside THE ONE
that circulates Within you, one by one.


( ’55’ means alive, vibrant and ever-changing.)

The Spirit of the Truth you see,
The Spirit that resides in thee.
That holds you safe and sound undone,
and kept enclosed just by the Son (Sun).

The Spirit is the place you see
where you do hold your Reverie.
That Place Within where shall be found
The Answers given to the ground.

This is the step To Love The Spirit, The Spirit that resides in each of you.

The Spirit that resides in each of Me. The Spirit is the manifestation of the Love that abounds within your being.

You have come here at this time to Re-Member with this Notion, to Re-Call to yourselves the results of This Action; the results of taking the Spirit within your Being, the results that cause you to Re-Member with your SELVES.

You are the Spirit that is endowed Within you. The You that I speak of is not the personal you, but the True YOU, that Place Within your Being that establishes your Oneness with your Creator, The Creator of the Universe, The Creator of IT ALL, The Creator of Creation, Inspired by you.

For You are an Inspiration and You have Inspiration and You live in In-Spir-ation, In the Spirit of the Nation, the Places unknown, the Places endowed from your youth, the place of entrapment that abounds within you all, that place for the leaving, that Place for the Re-Membering, that Place Within where your Spirit resides awaiting you there, awaiting for your touch and your connection and your awareness.”


I have come here at this time to help you to Re-Member With YourSELVES, to help you Re-Member with your Spirit, to help you Re-Gain the Functions of Your Youths. The Remembrances of All. Here at last.


I away for you now to return once again and bring you My WORDS through the help of This Pen.


(’55’ means alive, vibrant and ever-changing. Major life change is upon you, continue seeing yourself at peace.)

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