9/13 5:07:34pm

“The Words that I bring through to you
will help them now, here in the zoo.
Will help them with their consternation
of what Be-holds them in this nation.

Of what Be-holds them safe and sound
to relieve their Images that they have found.
Success will follow each the one
as they encompass the tract of the Son (Sun).
As they do follow each you see,

as they do follow here to Me.

In the Words of your people, in the Words that they speak, I will speak now to you. And you can tell them of MY WORDS.

My WORDS are full of the Energy that they need at this time. The Energy of Love, the Energy of Remuneration. For it is in seeking that They are found. For it is in knowing that they achieve the concept of The SELF. The SELF is that inner conception that resides Within each and All. This concept is not far off and away, it is close and nearby Always. In All-Ways.

Your task, if you so choose, is to Re-Member with this distinction. It is in the knowing of this concept that your peace shall fall at your feet. That your mind will take It’s ease, where your heart shall Sing with Joy. But, because of the demands that encompass you in each day, you find it hard to Re-Member Me This Way.

But, in the quiet, safe and sound,
you’ll see My Image and abound.
Abound in the Grace of which you now See
and find for YourSELF an Image, indeed.


I hold to this notion and give you a grin
that soon you’ll be practicing These Words now, Within.
Soon you will know what your heart shelters forward,
Soon it will reach to the top of your forehead.

Soon All will find their place in This Land
and succumb not to any human or man.
For each has their manner in which to unfold
and each will find their manner Here ever told.
It has now been told, as the dawn seeks to say,

that More is to happen to you here, Yes ,today.
It is with great pride that you hold out your chins
to gain now, the caption that holds you Within.
For you are the fellows who around each, The All,

do come ever after now, not to stall.
To find for yourselves your own Point of Being
as you Walk in this Madness here for the Seeing.


My lesson, I give you right here to your faces ,
is that you are welcomed Right Here for the traces.
To find ever more all the Magic In-Sight
and gain now, your happiness here now, to-night.

Nine Steps to Re-Cover the lost souls Within
will be truly given to help you begin.
Begin for the viewing of what you can do
to help now ,yourself to find ITSELF, too.

The first that I give you will not take you long.
It is in loving each other that you travel here on.
In loving each other your faces unwind
and the peace and the joy shines now truly on mankind.

To Love Each The Other Will Help You To ‘See’
that you only are beginning to connect now, with Me.
To give to yourselves as you give to mankind,
to bring now, YourSELVES to the results of this rhyme.

Your paths take you ever to Places Beyond,
and together you gather to find YourSELVES on.
For it is in the Actions that you take with your kin
that you being now, to Re-Member with YourSELVES ever in.

To forgive them most surely means forgiving Yourself
for coming to this land, at this time, on the shelf.
Begin at the beginning and find out the ways
to release all this anguish that you have in your daze (days).

Forgive each the other as yourself ever true
And The Peace that you will have will outweigh what you do.
Forgive and forget, not so easy to do,
forgiving their actions that they took in the zoo.

Forgive them most truly as the dawn seeks the day
And you will now have a much happier day.
The Day that I speak of is the Day of your youth
and the Day of this moment and the Days near you forsooth.

The Day is quite long now, it traverses afar
and carries you ever here to The Star.
This place of Re-Membrance where you all shelter in
And find for yourSELVES the Best Here Within.


So begin with each other, each other holds the key
to bring you to happiness here next to Me.
The 1st step is taken, this step takes it’s toll
to give you your Actions here One and All.”

9/13 5:23:09pm

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