9/23 7:25:03am

“To send these now Words to you
to help you out with what you do.
To help you now, Out in the nation
to bring you WORDS, not consternation.

That All is Well ,beyond control
and will now happen as it’s extolled.
Will now happen verily
around, within and side of thee.

For you have factors from Your Birth
that settle ‘round about you girth,
That you were sent to places known
to find your answers that you have sown.

And More will come aside of thee
as you do settle wide with ME.
For as you find your Deeper Vision
you find your Answers without derision.

I’ve come before you in your Sight
and come again to bring Day Light.


So fashion YourSELVES aside of Me
And you WILL find your Reverie.

( 28 + 28 = ’10’ and ’10’ which means you are one with God and the situation has come full circle.)

Your reverie and rest untold
where you will love and be now bold
And find that Love under-seeds IT ALL
and encompasses you and the others enthralled.

So go now, to your passions given
and find your Love within you striven
And come to grips with Who you are
and find your Answers within the Star.


The last Step that I bring to thee
Will help you out of your full reverie (illusion)
To Love your Neighbors as YourSELVES,
to Love Your Nation and the Others as well;

To bring compassion to the ones
Who have a nature there undone.
To find the Answers Inside of thee
all you need do is connect with Me.

The last One (Step) that I bring in view
Is to Love Each Other in the crew.
To Love Each Other and to bring repose
to each and every other’s soul.

For in the souls that circle wide
You find YourSELVES and do not hide .
And do not hide yourselves from Me
and the others will rise in Good Company.

I have come to bring to you these WORDS from this Pen and to help you stay the course of your heart’s desires.

You have come to the earth plane at this time to find YourSELVES, the True SELVES that you have hidden Within You.

For it is in the Silence that you will find the results of your daze (days).

The days that you live in are the place of contentions. The place where you put to use the learnings of your soul, where you put into practice all that your heart is endeavoring to achieve.

You have come for this purpose and you are doing a great deed
as you walk into this MADNESS and do now truly read.
Read with NEW EYES THESE WORDS that I send
and find for yourself that TRUE LOVE never ends.

It twists and it turns as you find your de-Light
and brings you to Magic here in This Night.
The Ninth Step ever will bring you wide
and come back to circle on the Other Side.
Completion is the word you see

That encompasses the meaning of the nines to be.”

(The 9 number means- humanitarian, selflessness, and dedicating life to others, number of completion and of ending, release, universal compassion, tolerance, and wisdom. Message to Light Workers –get to work because Mother Earth needs your help right now. )

“I leave you now with these few Words
and will continue to help, not absurd.
For you have seen THE LIGHT, it’s True
And More will come Inside of You.

7:36:10am = 8 = transformation, infinity, a phase of your life is about to end; there is Light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t procrastinate making your moves or enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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