9/16 6:51:19am

“The WORDS that I bring through for you
will help them out there in the stew.
They walk amidst their troubles, given,
and hold their heads because they’re driven.

Driven now, forget to ‘See’
The wondrous works aside of ME.
They walk in wildness ever wrought
to find their answers, never thwart.

But Justice raised in the midst of thee,
Justice is the WORD, you see.
Justice for communication,
Justice for the rest of the nation.

The nation is the step, you see.
that brings you closer, closer to ME.
Forever after ‘See’ This ONE
has settled near you under the Sun (Son)


I watch and wonder at your feats
To find YourSELVES, you can’t defeat,
Cannot defeat the parts of you
that keep you trapped now, in the zoo.

The zoo is where you settle upon
within your minds and hearts there on.
For ever after you will ‘See’
With Brand New Eyes aside of thee..

So keep your wisdom set upon
These WORDS of guidance that I send there on.
To Love your neighbor and you see
The rest will fall from thee to Me.

To find the Best Within Your Nature
that holds you safe Within The Creator.
To hold the nature ‘round about
that circles there without a doubt.

The Nature Visions that you ‘See’
Will open wide your strength to be.
The Strength I speak of now, full force
is the Strength in Wisdom and Love, of course.

So hard to find YourSELF in ME,
but Truly watch and Truly ‘See’
That THE WORDS are a magnet set upon
To bring you Love and Dreams there on.

To bring you to the Place you See
Where you connect, connect with Me.
Connect with neighbors and with friends.,
connect with Nature as it bends.

Do follow ever by It’s side
and give yourself a Brand New Hide.
A Brand New Skin where you can ‘See’
The Best resides in the depths of thee.

The Best is ever at your Core
and holds you safe there ever more.
The Best will find It’s place for thee
just right beside Here with Me.

Release your angst and let it go
And find your Truth right here below.
Here below in Words full striven
to bring you Truth that you are livin’.

YOU are livin’ inside this one
that you call yourself now, here undone.
Undo the action of your birth
and find YourSELF now, merry mirth.

The mirth you’ll feel in Heart and Being
will bring you love now, for this ‘See’ing (awareness).

9/16 6:58:29am

I have come, at this time, to remind you of what You Are and Where you are going.
The Place that you attain to achieve is not far away from you. It is Within you there, as you stare out at this screen.
Your image shines before your face
within your eyes and cannot be erased.

Forgive My now, return to prose,
it is the WORDS that you suppose.
But I will try to keep it Light
and give you Words to Light your Flight.

You fly in the midst of this storm that surrounds you there. You fly with a hope and a truth that all will be well.

Well, you are right. All Will Be Well, All Is WELL.

It already Is. IT IS ALL around you here. It Is the Action of your Youth ( your beginning). You are stepping into a new realization of what lies Beyond and Within.

This is not a distant place in miles of voyage, but it is a ‘distance’ to the connection with Me. The Connection Within, the Place from Beyond that, really, is not far away. It takes but a moment of real –EYES-ation. A moment of ‘Seeing’with Brand New Eyes. The eyes of the sinner have left you there on.

The sinner is the one whose eyes are not on the Prize. (God)

So go to your captives and send them away,
whatever they be that holds you this way.
And find for yourself the Truth in your knowing
that you have the Answers Within for the showing.

7:02:37 = 2

(the #2 means self-surrender, newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality.)

My mission accomplished in the midst of this day
in hopes that you soon will let it slip away.
The ‘it’ that I speak of, are the its of your birth
that hold you there wide and keep you from Birth.

The True ‘IT’ is waiting; for the results will be known
as you walk in this Madness Here, ever sown. ”

9/16 7:04:40am

’44’ means the angels are surrounding you, reassuring you of their love and help.

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