9/18 5:06:22pm

” The message that I send to you
will help you with what you now do.
Forgive the essence of the past
and give yourself a break at last.

We send these Others here to you
to help you out with what you do.
Come hither ever after free
in truly bringing your love to ME.

For the page results are in
That all the others are now, your kin.
And follow them to places unknown
and you will find a friend beknown

The next in line of Steps, you see,
is to begin to traverse, you see.
To traverse to other nations
And send them Love above all creations.

They create their actions so full of fear
That you cannot now, ever hear.
Cannot now ,ever hear their pain
as they call out in disguise again.

For you have come to Here, of course,
and you do settle in the Truth, no recourse.
The pains and anguish of your kinwill hold you up and settle in
For ever after ‘See’ this One

and find YourSELF there under the Sun (Son).
I’ve come full force so you can see
that I do stand in front of thee.
Stand ahead to lead the Way

to help you out with what you say.
You say to them you don’t believe
that they do feel this way, conceive,
Conceive that they are seldom , too,

hearing your words from inside of you.
For they are troubled beyond repair
and cannot hold in their despair,
But Truth resides in every Being

just hidden their now, for the ‘Seeing’.
Release your anguish and your pain
and they will feel in Love again.
I’ve come to you but once before

and now I come through the Open Door.
To give you faith and inspiration
to send to others in the nation.
In the nation of lovers ,you see,

who do hold out and are not free.
But freedom comes to them full force
As they do relinquish their fears of course.


I speak to you now of the passing of your youths’.
You are all in the section of your growth that leads you to another understanding, an understanding that evolves from the meanings and the wherefores of All that has encompassed you there.

You see through a different lens than the one that is actually presented.

You see through the lens of your youth and upbringing. You see through the pains of your past incarnations.

To ‘See’ with New Eyes means that you will find for yourself the results of All that is occurring in this lifetime.

This is the time to relinquish your pains. This is the time to find for yourself what it is to be in Love, in Love with YourSELF, in Love with your friends, in Love with your nature and the nature of others around you there.

All these in-lovements lead you to Me. For in This Love you can ‘See’ with New Eyes. And these Eyes are the Inward- looking Eyes that help you to find YourSELF in the Quiet of your Soul.


the ’22 is a number of ‘unlimited potential”

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