9/21 8:38:58pm

“The Love that you have for These Other Places (Other Dimensions)
that stand now, beside you in front of your faces.
Where you give command of and can’t find your way
but wonder about them and wander today.

To bring YourSELF to them and give out your plea,
to understand all the Dimensions that stand aside of thee.
The Dimensions so many, that encircle you about,
will now, give you actions that help you, no doubt.
Will help you now ever to speak with your kin
And find now your ways to the other Realms Within.

For there is it ever the maximum full of Grace
that encircles you ever, there before your face.

These Realms and Dimensions that circle you about
have been brought for your viewing to relieve you of doubt.
The doubts that you feel will all fade away
as the Dawn filters slowly and leaves now, the day.
The days (daze) of your youth does slowly lift from view
as you stand here now, ever after in the stew.

But more will be revealed as you walk into the Light
And gain your Inner Vision here with Me tonight.
The night is now the action that takes you far away
and leaves you ever after in relaxation here today.


I gain now your vision in hopes that you will ‘See’
that more stands beside you and stands now, with Me.
For you have been waiting so long for this task
and there is much more that around you I ask.
I ask you to Love yourself and our fellow man,
I ask you to Love other nations on this land.
I ask that you see that to travel near or far

Does bring you most ever, nearer to a Star.
I ask for your viewing right here, now today
of the other deeper dimensions that surround you ever, at play.

And soon you will see as the Dawn strikes the day
that you are a Lover here now, today.
A Lover of many, a Lover of few
who come to your side, here in the stew.

I give you tomorrow, the chance, once again
to re-connect with each fellow who around you stands again.
To Love one another, to Connect to The All
is the command (strength) that I give you here, not to stall.

Today is now over, tonight brings its view
and you will find YourSELVES closer in the stew.
The stew is the place where you hold to each other
And find now, your ways to Love all your brothers.

Your Brothers and Sisters who now, call your name
Will hold you in Magic Here once again.
To be Re-Connected in the Band of Your Youth,
to find One Another In Love, Here forsooth.

I go from you now as the dawn slips away
but will bring tomorrow a brand new now ,day.”

8:46:44pm 9/21

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