Their Way Home is Through Love

Their Way Home is Through LOVE

Their Way Home is Through LOVE


“The web writing that I have in store for you today is to bring to them the enhancement of their meanings there.”

They have come to this fruition and now want to find their way HOME .

Their Way Home is Through LOVE. And that is that. They are meant to be of love, to live of love and to carry that message to the others around them there. They will see this LOVE as they traverse through this lifetime, Here. But for them this is a hard endeavor. They have not come from this knowing on the outer level. They do know this on the inner realms but fail to put this into use here at this time. For they are worried about what others think, what others do and what others say. Instead of finding WITHIN themselves the results of their own opinions, thoughts, deeds and speakings. For IT is now the Item to find these answers, rememberings WITHIN themselves and to come to trust that ALL is in command and ALL will bring divine Hand to this endeavor

9:11:33am 11/28

Your task is to find a way to bring this to the few and the many, to bring to them the knowing that they are THE LOVE, that they have only to but hold IT in their hands and ALL will be made clear to them and the others there.

But the few and the many discuss this at odds and find now reason to get together in this season. The getting together will bring them to the remembrance of their youths and their tasks as they continue to carry on to the Great Divide. The Great Division is of the heart, soul and mind and not of the entire Being that resides within each every one.

But in their attempts to discover this PLACE of UNION they have separated their Ways and now is the time to be re-united with themselves for the first time here on the earth.

You see this most ever in the deepest part of your being but even you do now carry this out in unison because you do understand where they are coming from.

It is so hard to separate yourSelves from the earthly plane, to find WITHIN the Truth of your Being and continue to carry it forward to the others there, to every action that you take, to every thought that you partake in.

But ALL of that can be changed in the blinking of an EYE. The EYE that is the All seeing, ALL knowing aspect of you. For you are united with the ONE, you a re-connected deep within your being-ness and just need to remember with that part of you that is not separate from you, but is deep within you there and Here.

ALL connected as ONE. ALL united together, ALL One, ALL.

It is the time for this remembrance for some of you know and in that remembering to share that with the others around you even those who do not understand what you are saying to them.

It begins with this booklet, this packaging up of These Words to give to those who do not read the internet who cannot now see in that manner. Those who need to have the Words held out before them there. Those in whom these Words will leave trace of remembrance. 9:17:09am

9:17:09am 11/28

The time of completion is soon upon you there and it is your task to bring them forward to the few and the many who will listen with their hearts, not just their ears. Who can see with their mind’s eye and now feel with their intuitions here.

They are the ones to whom these Words will be remembered.

They are the ones to find repose in this action.

You are just the messenger, and I am the Deliverer. I will make the way for this to take place. Your job, if you so chose, is to bring them into beingness(write them on down) and send them out in print in some manner. And give them to the ones who want them there. 9:18:54am 999 completion message to Light workers- get to work because Mother Earth needs you help right now. selflessness, dedication life to others, number of completion and ending, release, universal compassion, tolerance , wisdom”.