The Actions

The Actions

Action 1. Action of Meditation

9/29 6:37:45am “Many Words have opened wide To bring you Love from the Other Side. And you have come to this FULL FORCE and you will see your Self on course. The WORDS I send, this day, to thee Will … Continue reading

Action 2. To Take, Now, Your Time

10/01 6:44:00am “The INSPIRATION that you have inside Will help to open you ere wide. To bring to you a celebration of All that you are now in the nation. To seek to say, in best repose, that more is … Continue reading

Action 3. To Tolerate Others

10/03 7:06:30am ” The Words that I now send to you will help you out with what you do With what you do across that Nation to help the others of Creation. For you have simply set your path on … Continue reading

Action 4. To Hold YourSELF in Fond Esteem

10/07 8:44:26am ” To take the Actions that you seek to help to make yourselves more meek To find the strength within your being to walk around with Another Seeing. To walk around with eyes held high and keep your … Continue reading

Action 5. To Breathe

10/10 10:32:47pm “An Action I give you to send out in the Light to Those there around you who watch now your plight. For They hold you ever in the Palm of Their Hands and bring you most ever to … Continue reading

Action 6. To Ever Sleep

10/6 6:23:31am ” The Words that I now send to you will help you out now of the stew. Will help you in your tribulations, will help you with your conflagrations The Action that I send so deep is now, … Continue reading

Action 7. To Follow Through

10/17 7:06:50am “So go to your Actions here today and write these Words most clear at play. To find YourSELF in Hope Divine that will give you Love in good now time. To write to them the Actions coursing that … Continue reading

Action 8. The Action of Forgiveness

10/21 9:11am ( ‘911’ means Help is on The Way ) “The next Acton that I would like you to talk about is the Action of Forgiveness. To forgive yourself and those around you there; those who have hurt you … Continue reading

Action 9. To Find YourSELVES

10/26 9:28:05am “I am here in this day to bring you some Words of Consolation. For it is in the understanding of YourSELVES that you find a way to understand all the others around you there. It is in the … Continue reading

Action 10. To Step to Kindness

10/29 7:23:30am “The WORDS that I now give to you will help you out with what you do. Will help you find your inner Being and hold it safe Within your Seeing. For I have come to bring to you … Continue reading

Action 11. To Find Your Actions In Your Dreams

10/30 4:45am “To bring yourself to Peace it seems is To Find Your Actions In Your Dreams. To dream is what you must now do to set your Actions in the stew. To dream of things the way they were … Continue reading