Take a Peek

Take a Peek

Take a Peek

2:10:55pm 7/13

The Words that I now send to you
will help you ‘out’ with what you do.
Will help you in your consternation
to find yourSelves, now, in This Nation.

Here beyond the places, behold
Your Images that have not died of olde.
You can come and you can go
And find yourSELF right Here below.

For you can find the Peace you seek
Is Within you there, now take a peek.
You can find that place in you
That holds the Magic Here in View .

And you will find Another Way
To seek you Selves right HERE today.

She (Gerri) will find a way to bring these actions unto you. You will be in need of these as you go forwards on your way today. You are in need of directions that will help you to ‘see’ with ‘new eyes’ and hear with ‘new ears’ and settle forwards within you yourSELF to find your answers upon the shelf

The answers that you seek to say
Are held Within you Here today.
And when your passage is complete
You will now know that you’re loved complete.

You are loved completely through and through
And in time you will now sense this, too,
For in the loving of This One,
You find your peace now under the Sun (Son)

And in your loving that I allow to you
You will gain your respect of yourSelves through and through.

2:15:18pm 7/13

I have come here in this day to bring these New Words unto thee.

She (Gerri) has been lost far away for a very long time but her return is timely in this fashion.

She will bring to you the Words that will settle there with you


A Place to Re-member.

A Place To Re-member, a place to find yourSelves once again, A Place to gather to bring yourselves the truth of who and what you are. A place to bring your factions Home to yourSelves and to gain the wisdom of your beingness there today.”