Keep Your Spirits High

Keep Your Spirits High

Keep Your Spirits High

11/21 6:55:56am

“Now send to all My kin the WORDS of Sheer DeLight

That I do hold them safely as they pass into the night (dark night of their souls)

As they do walk most ever in the darkness that they see

Forgetting that this darkness has been settled now from Me.

That I do shine the darkness in places ever known

To help them now uncover the places where they’ve grown.

The darkness shines through out them and brings them verily

Into the places ever where they can truly “SEE”.

But Keep Your SPIRITS High and keep them verily

In line now with MY SIGHT in order now to “SEE”.

To keep your Spirits High is to gather now WITH ME

And find your True Blue SELVES are hidden inside TO BE.”

6:58:25am 11/21