Spiritual Messages

Spiritual Messages from Source

DIVINE INSPIRATION presides over the poetic writing and sends messages of Love and Guidance. SPIRITUAL MESSAGES are those WORDS from SPIRIT that are meant to be of service and comfort to all who reside here on this planet. These WORDS are presented in a poetic narrative form. They are meant to inform, comfort and teach us of our existence, meaning and worth.

The Words of Spirit

“THESE WORDS at this time are to be sent to you through this web site to bring guidance and love, inspiration and Truth. See for yourself. listen to your hearts, sense the vibrations within THE WORDS and gain what is inherently yours.”
— via Gerri

THE WORDS are channeled and spoken or written in poetic form. This is the manner in which Gerri hears these messages.

“My Dears ones, I do shelter here for to bring to you a message clear That All is Well in my command and ALL is Well for you to remand. Remand and re-member true with each other and find for yourSelves another True Brother. The Images settle before now your faces and you do now watch and look for the Traces. The Traces encircle each and all the souls who around ME commingle and bring Me their role. That All is what’s left for you now to do, to connect with each other there in the stew.”

“The WORDS will be placed on this site in order to be spread to those who need them at this time. For those are the Ones who will find and receive the energy of These Words. I shall awaken the actions of your souls’ de-Light and garner information for you from the unknown of your actions. ”

If you have been guided to this web site, then you are being guided further than you think. You will be exercising your independence in finding the Truth of Your Ways in The Light.”

“Forever may you seek your Truth. The Truth that lies within Your Being. For it is there that you will find yourSelf waiting. Here you will be guided Home.”

WORDS OF SPIRIT shall be entered here as received. Part of Gerri’s journey here is to be a messenger of These Words. She has agreed to be a Messenger and to bring forward these Words to you individually and as a group.