Release Your Baggage

Release Your Baggage


“Dear web viewers, I have come to follow This Course with a New Method of Seeing Within.
You have come along long way
To find yourSelves right HERE today.
And in this passage that has taken it’s time

You have come to believe in Another Time.
Another Time and Place to BE
And find yourSELF right here with ME.
For in these actions that you seek

To find yourSelves you get a peek.
Get a peek of Who You Be,
Get a peek of the Clear Blue See.(Sea).
For I do seldom see your faces

Upon the alter of My Graces.
But in truth your actions do hold you wide
And you receive MY GRACES from the Other Side.
You receive them clearly night and day

And bring them safely HOME today.
For in the Peace resides your soul
That wants to shout and now extol
That you are ONE most clearly, see?

That you are ONE inside of Me.
That you have never retreated off course,
But have shut your eyes instead, of course.
But now your eyes can truly see

That there is so much more to see.
That more will come to your abode,
The place where you reside and carry your load.
Release your baggage Physical and emotional.

Release that which gives you pain, that which causes you such indecisions, that which brings you dis-comfort, that which rips the shred of peace from you. Re-gain your Self(ves) by focusing on the LIGHT, ( the lightness that you feel inside your being) the place within you that tells you what to do when you are in such fear.

Find this Peace for yourselves and give it to the others.

Open yourself to the possibilities of sharing things with others, of giving to those who do not have that which you have whether it be peace or a piece of something that you hold so dear, a piece of something that you hold dear that is now causing you such pain and grief.

Release it and find your strength in ME for “I will give you rest,”

I shall give you a rest and ALL THE REST of what you need to BE.

The Ones that you Are to Be.

Hold to yourSelves and in that awareness you will find that peace within, that piece of yourSELF that births you such succor, such embrace, such release.

Fall into My arms and find your Strength, not weakness.

Give me you problems and I will find and lead the Way for you to regain that part of yourSELF that you have so promptly forgotten as a result of THIS PATH to HERE.

You are on your way back to Me to that Place Within where you find ME.

Hold to yourSelves, unclench your fists, and allow ME to fill you up.

I shall fill you with All that you need.

Re-gain that part of You for that Action Here.

10:33:22am =11 5/3

the number 33 means all things are possible and the Ascended Masters are surrounding you and the number 22 means unlimited potential mind, body and spirit.

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