9/12 7:07:45am

” The Words that I do bring on side

will help you now, to ever decide.

Decide for selves what will you do

as you traverse now in the zoo.

Traverse wisely you are told,

to take yourself to places untold.

To gain the image of This One

and to hold it safely under the Sun (Son).

Forever after you shall ‘See’

with Eyes so wide, so wide to be.

For you have Answers in your Beings

that will hold you wide now for your Seeing.

To ask the questions of This One,

to gain your freedom under the Son (Sun).

I would now, speak to you with Words that you do understand at this time. These Words that I have been sending to you have been a concentrated effort to gain your trust and attention.

You, dear ones, have just forgotten your Ways and Means.

You are just about to Re-Member with these Expressions.

This is the Time for that to be happening.

She will send These Words to you, as per her command, in hopes that many will find for ThemSelves the Truth of These Ways.

To shine the Light of Love and profusion on each and All is the meaning of These Ways, and for you to shine your Light and Love on All as well.

This is a two-way street, one coming from ME and the other coming from you. Not just to Me but to All in those around you, for they are Me as well.

Do you not see that ? Can you not feel that?

You All are One. Not just connected together as One but Being The One. You are One.

Now what does that mean to you? Where can that notion take you?

It can take you to your Remembrances. It can take you to the wants and desires of the few and the many around you there.

You are One is a novel notion. A Notion of Connection to One and the Same.

Respond and reflect on these ideas for yourselves. Keep Me close at hand. For it is in the knowing that you find your freedom, the freedom from your ancestors, from your pasts, from your dividing thoughts of aggression and resentments.

It is only In Love that We are united once more together again.

For Love is the Way Home. For Love is the Answer and the Key to your salvation – the saving of your souls, and your minds and your hearts. Salv-ation. The soothing of your beings.

Respite is a requirement. For in the quiet of repose you can reflect on these ideas and notions. For it is in the quiet that you will find Me and thus find YourSELF.

It is in the quiet of repose that miraculous things occur, things that you would never have thought of, ideas to help you in your days (daze), ideas that can help you in your ways (weighs).

More shall be revealed, in actuality More Shall Be Re-Membered.

The veil from your ‘Eyes’ shall be lifted even more. One bit at a time, one byte at a time, A bit and a byte, terms you know so well.

Little by little, step-by-step. each are beginning their Journey back home to Re-Membrance through Love.

For Love is the Answer and Love is the Key

that opens wide your connection to Me.

For to love yourself as your neighbor

is to Love the Whole, the Entirety, The ONE, The ALL. ”


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