9/10 8:27:03am

” The Words that I have set in View

will help the others in the zoo.

Will help them now to set control

of their lives, their actions that they extol.

For they have come to certainty

that More resides beside you and Me.

For they do come to certaintation

that there is More now, in the nation.

This Place they call their land, you see,

does hold them well, as well can be.

And they can trust the seasons many

to keep on going ever any.

But deep within their sides, you see,

they do not trust the likes of Me.

They doubt Existence certain wide

and find themselves far on the other side.

But soon their Actions will reveal

that there is so much more to feel.

That More will come to guarantee

that there is MUSIC next to ME.

That I do stand to help untold

the many others from their fold.

To help them wide, to referee,

their own Existence here with Me.

To give to them the notion wide,

that More is to come from the Other Side.

That More Information will encircle them wide

as they clear their heads and bring them wide.


I’ve come to you but once before

and now I come through The Open Door.

To bring them Words of consternation

to hold them safe now in This Nation.

The Words I bring, not feign, you see,

but certainly, my dear, Words from ME.

To bring them joy and solitude,

within the madness that they exude.

Yes, they exude this, each the one,

as they do walk here under the Sun (Son).

Our travels gain us pieces ,you see,

of what it is that we are to be.

To bring these Actions, one by one,

to gain our factions under the Sun (Son).

Release your pain and sorrow dears,

release your anguish and your fears.

For More Is To Come to your desire

to bring you ever closer and higher.

I leave you now in this fair land

to find YourSELVES in great demand.

To find YourSELVES is what you seek

as you walk This Way Here each week. ”

9/10 8:34:47am

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