(’55’ means alive, vibrant and ever-changing)

” The Lessons that I bring to thee

will help them now, with what they ‘See’.

For they have held their head’s on High

but have missed My Presence for the sky.

My Presence lies Within their Beings

and not out there now, for their seeing.

For they have truly melded of course

and now is the time to bring them THIS COURSE.

The Course that I speak of will open them mild

and give them their answers there ever, my child.

The first of the lessons as you have been told

is to honor YourSELF and begin to unfold .

Begin to now center yourself their in prayer

to find for yourself the really YOU there.

The YOU that is present in all of your Seeings,

the One that resembles ME here for the BEING.

The BEING you are that does stand now in-SIGHT

will hold you there well, and bring you DE-LIGHT.”

I would like to say to them that their first course of Action is to commune with ThemSELVES,

The SELF that does reside within their being there.

To find most the time to begin to just center and be centered. For in the centering ALL IS CENTERED.

I would like to ask them to simply sit down, rest and relax into some quiet music, the Music of the Spheres, the music that brings them DE-LIGHT. This music that I speak of is the music that touches their Soul’s Desire.

Sound brings them to the understanding of their youth’s awareness. The youth in them knows when this will occur and now is the time for many I am sure. Relax into the music and find your place WITHIN and allow the sounds to filter away

all that is un-needed at this time. And allow the sounds, the OMS, to clear you and balance you and give you de-Light. For in this de-LIGHT ALL shall be revealed unto.

Many have asked just how to do this? The doing is the easy part, the acceptance much the harder. Accepting that it is so simple and easy to do.

Making your connection with YourSELF at this time is most important and useful for yourselves and for mankind as a whole.

For it is this Re-Membering that more shall be revealed.

” So continue onward with these passions

and find YourSELVES there in THIS ACTION.

The ACTION of Meditation is the one that I foretold

in the Action now setting that you’ve seen now of olde.”

“Re-Member with each other, and find YourSELVES there on

and you will away to The Best and Beyond.

The Beyond that I speak of is the Beyond Outer Sources

that keep you away from the INNER now forces.

The Inner now Force is The Place you shall be

when you stop all you meanderings and find YourSELF in ME.

For I have A WAY and A TRUTH and A LIGHT

that will LIGHTEN YOUR FOOTSTEPS here in the night.

LIGHTEN YOUR FOOTSTEPS is the name you shall see

for the meanings of these WORDS that are brought right now to thee.

To LIGHTEN YOUR FOOTSTEPS and send them there on

into now MY IMAGE that you carry from of Yon.

I be now your Teacher, I be now your Friend

who holds you in Love to the ever, bitter /sweet end.


So give to this many who listen from Above

and they will release all their Actions to THIS LOVE.

This LOVE is emotion to you there upon

but in True Reality it is an Action now begun. (Beyond)”

11/10 8:05:05am

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