9/23 9:15:25pm

” The WORDS now have been given to they

to help them out with each their day.

And they have found a new decision

has come to them with no derision

That they do sit inside, you see,

and watch the world go by, to be.

But truly Be the Ones you ought

and ever after you’ll be sought.

Be sought for In-Sights that you give

To hand to them, those that live.

Those that live in condemnation

Of all that’s holy conflagration.

But ease and happiness abounds Within

as All the others find help, not sin.

The sin I mention is of the lack

of love that they have that causes them to crack.

But simply put, you now do ‘See’

with Brand New Eyes in front of Me.

That More is to come that gives you worth

than the presents presented here on earth.

The presents (Presence) I speak of Truly today

will help you OUT along the Way.

Out of yourselves, and Out of this world

and help you to gain your Presence, unfurled.

The Presence I speak of is the One of your Kind

where you come your way and now are not blind.

Forever after you’ll come to This Pen

and find for yourselves the results Here again.

I would like to say to you that your job has been well done, that you have brought to the many and the few a different now look at the passing of the View. And I will recede into the recesses of each Mind and help them to Be-Come, to become aware of All that is happening. That ALL is about to happen that will bring them to their Senses, the Senses that are hidden from view for most of the earth’s people. But the Senses are there just awaiting their unfoldment. They are the Senses that are received and returned into view as you walk from that Side to This. You are the ones on a passage,

a passage from Light to Dark and Back again.

The Light is about to dawn for many of you. You are at the beginning of your passage into The Great Unknown, that Realm of undifferentiation where All is the Same and None has a Name,

But others around you will come for to seek

to find for themSelves their results in this week.

9:21:42= 9 completion.

9:22pm= unlimited potential.

The WORDS that I have given thee

will help you All now here to see.

To see the meanings of your youth

and carry you further ever forsooth.

I shall begin at the Beginning. At the Place where you started your Journey Here from the Known to the Unknown. This is the place where you develop your ‘Seeing’. This Seeing that I speak of is the Seeing that you had long before ‘Time’.

This is the ‘Time’ of which I speak. This is the passage of the worlds around you there, the worlds that encircle you and keep you entrapped in what you do. But as you dis-cover All that is to be Seen, you shall find for yourselves the results of this Conflagration, this burning up of karma, this passage from your youth into the lessening of your strife where your pain does get resolved and you seek another Way, a Way from this world into another WORLD. A place where you return to YourSELVES, a Place where ALL is One, a Place of satisfaction with the demands of a few.

Forever after reflect on these notions that are given to you here

and then you shall find your Peace, ever clear.

9/23 9:26:12pm

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