9/10 6:38:53pm

“These Words that sneak now into your Being

will help you out with what you are Seeing.

This time I’ll tell My tale to you

and leave the rhyme out in the zoo.”

For ever I have been at the helm watching, waiting,

steering and commandeering this Ship of State that

encircles you about. I have come thus far to give to you a plan for your concentration. It is now the time for to bring yourselves full force to your de-Live-rance.

For it is now when you are about to ‘See’ What It is you are to Be. You have come before so many times and now you have come to bring the Imagination to YourSELF.

The Image-in-Nation, that part of you that equals Me, that part that you have dis-covered from your youth. The youth that I refer to is the unsteady age when you are uncertain of what you are to do and be. But now you know, now you are certain, now you will walk into Your True meaning for certain.

But, time has a way of keeping this from you and time has a way to stop the results of this happening.

I have come for you to see with your own eyes the meanings of your days ( daze) and ways( weighs), the things that you gaze at and weigh into, the many things that stop you from dis-covering who you really are, The Real You, The Image of ME, the Part of The Universe that includes Many More of the Same.

You ALL are the Same, an Image of ME, an Image of the Universe, a Section of the Whole, a Part of The Entirety. How many ways to be said, so many ways, but not a one to enfold you in the Reality of What It is I am trying to show you.

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