For It Is In The Silence That YOU Are Found


“A method of helping them to find their True SELVES is what I would like to give to you today.

A method out of their madness, a method that will help them to find their KIN and to begin to receive The Grace that is theirs for the asking.

” For Re-Member with YourSELVES and you will see

that More does ride in this Reverie.

How to obtain this Action Within

is what you are asking here of your KIN.

How to bring them the Inner Seeing

that will hold them safely for their ‘Seeing’.

But you have got the Answers full clear

and you will give them to Them very near.

To find for themselves that their passage here is of no recourse but Up and Within.

To bring them to this passage is what you are Seeing. For it is not of your doing that this will be achieved.

It is of My doing that these times will occur. You can only remind them of their Inner Vision and let them know that It does exist for you there and that they, in time, can find That for themselves as well.

For It Is In The Silence That YOU Are Found.

It is in the Silence that ALL is found.

How to achieve that silence is your question here today. The silence is frequented by the structure of your mind’s intent. And in placing that intent you begin to place your attention on this effort and in placing this effort in motion ALL will appear to you as from afar, but truly as from so near.

” The Answers do lie in the midst of your Beings

and you hold the key to now all your Seeings.

For all that you need is to stop for a few

and connect in those moments here next to you.

For all that you do will be given seven fold

and remunerated greatly in the chances of old.

For I do now stand in the midst now, of thee

and hold you on safely and connect now, with thee.

For you are the Members of this Action forsooth,

and you will Re-Member with ME, ever Truth.”

All that they need to do is to connect in their consciousness and the rest will be done for them HERE.

For I am awaiting the call of their voices

to help them Re-Member with ME in their choices.

For they will Re-Call out to ME in This VIEW

as I have been waiting right here next to you.

For they will Re-Member with each All the Others

and call them to hand and call them their Brothers.

For all they need do is call ME in-sight,

IN-SIGHT will shed now, on them in the broadest of Light.

For they are the members of the greatest now clan

that encircles this planet here now called Man.

But men do remember with each all their pain

and forget that I call them each all by name.

That I have not given them here now a boot,

but have caught them together here ever forsooth.

I will you Re-Member and give them a plea

to connect ever wisely, connect now, to ME.

(How can I be of service, do that?)

The service that you are doing is what you are to do. You are to place these WORDS where they can be seen and THEY

(The WORDS ) will do the rest.

For Re-Member these WORDS have an Energy that calls them by name

and they do now find them to help them attain.

Attain the connection that calls them on Home

in the midst of their laughter Here, ever sown.”

11/09 5:43:33pm

’33’ = ALL Things Possible.

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