Find YourSELF and Bring IT HOME

Find YourSELF and Bring IT HOME


“FIND YourSELF and bring IT Home that is the name of this new edition.
That place WITHIN where you seek to go and find the PEACE right there below.
You are the Ones who will attain this mission. You are the ones who will find that Place of Peace.
That Place of Oneness Within, that place of earnest abandonment to the ONE and the ALL.

You will seek This Place and thus find its apparent benefits.
The benefits of releasing you from the duality in which you now survive.
But in this releasement you will survive on a much Higher Realm.

The Realm of the Divine. The Place of the Unknown, that area of Wisdom that encapsulates you now at this time. 6:07:21am

There are those around you there who would seek to stop your efforts of Communion with the One Above but in your perseverance you are finding your Way Home.

You will find this place of Re-Memberance and gain the opinion that you are Well, for you truly will be, ( are ) well.

You always have been well and always will be well.

It is just your imagination that causes you to forget this existence.

I am Here, in This Place, to bring this Good News to you. It is easy, it is simple.

Stop what you are doing to yourselves and others.

Re-gain that part of you that wants to go Home. Home to that Place Within where you find your Way to Me. Your Way to the truth of who and what you are.

I have come a long way for this endeavor to be succeeded. (Successful)

I have come to bring you this Message of Hope that you and the others there can achieve this accomplishment in the ‘Wink of An EYE’, in the moment that you believe!!

In the moment when your say ‘yes’ to the possibility of the Truth that surrounds you there. 6:10:14am

6:11:07am 7/14

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