Seeds Of Awakening

Seeds Of Awakening
Self Attunements for Remembering With Your Higher Self

How do I get into this place of relaxation, this place they call “Higher Awareness”?

Announcing a new production by Gerri Shanti DeSimone that is helping people Find Peace Within by the hundreds… helping them find that place of fulfillment quickly, easily, and with beauty. Scroll down to hear sound samples.


Seeds of Awakening
Gerri’s Meditation CD was featured by JOHN HOLLAND & Hay House Productions!

$24.95 2 CD Set plus shipping
by Gerri DeSimone & Emmy® Awarded composer Matt Pavolaitis. These six Inspired meditations are set to relaxing, soothing and healing music. Listening while in a meditative state brings you to that quiet place Within, where you find out who you are, why you are here and what you are to be doing. Each meditation offers a complementary instrumental track!

“The Seeds of Awakening Meditations are here to free your soul; to assist in the cleansing, clearing and balancing of your energy centers; to bring you to that Part of you that you have forgotten.”

DISK 1 Tracks:
1.) Father Sky Chakra Clearing Meditation LISTEN!!!


2.) Father Sky Meditation Clearing Instrumental
3.) Opening the Heart Center Meditation
4.) Opening the Heart Center Instrumental
5.)Illuminating the Mind from Lead to Gold Meditation LISTEN!!!

6.) Illuminating the Mind from Lead to Gold Instrumental

DISK 2 Tracks:
1.) Close Your Eyes and You Will “See” Meditation LISTEN!!!


2.) Close Your Eyes and You Will “See” Instrumental
3.) Rest, Relax and Listen Meditation
4.) Rest, Relax and Listen Instrumental
5.) Mother Earth Chakra Clearing Meditation LISTEN!!!

6.) Mother Earth Chakra Clearing Instrumental


Gavin Cromwell“Seeds of Awakening, to me, is a fantastic meditation CD. It really helps me after a particularly heavy reading day or an intense location from my investigation work. It allows me to ground and clear my mind to be able to focus on the following projects ahead. The Father Sky Chakra Clearing and Mother Earth Chakra Clearing being my two favorites. The guided meditation is clear and easy to follow and the instrumental really does take you on ‘that’ Journey. All in all, a must for any Spiritual workers collection!”

Gavin Cromwell, Psychic Medium

“As a professional medical business woman and an individual holistic practitioner, I am wanting to share my enthusiastic appreciation for Gerri’s Seeds of Awakening CD set.

Daily, I use both of the CD’s in several ways. One is at my bedside, so that I may awaken with and drift to sleep with. If I should wake in the night with busy thoughts in my mind, I use it to gently redirect my thoughts into peaceful slumber. The other CD I keep in my car and use it to focus my thoughts to peacefulness during my routine two hour commute. (I don’t close my eyes!)

One of the most unique aspects of this meditation CD is that in addition to providing the listener with several specific meditations, each one is followed by a quiet space of similar music. This interesting technique allows the listening mind to continue processing the current journey, or to rest before beginning the next meditative journey.

Often, l listen to Gerri’s soothing voice to just calm my busy mind without focusing on the words. However, every time I allow myself to actually go deeply into the individual meditations, I continue to discover something unique… something new is revealed with each quest. As many times as I have listened to these journeys over the past many months, I am often surprised to hear something that seems entirely new!

Gerri’s CD set is a very soothing, deeply revealing and genuinely rewarding gift to myself… every time I use it.”

Lois Ann

“Gerri has done a beautiful job of balancing guided meditation with time periods set aside for inner guided meditation. Each guided meditation is followed with a track of soothing music that gives the listener further opportunity for a deeper level of consciousness. It is easy to drift off instantly with Gerri’s calm soothing voice and light background music. This is a great CD for those that want to learn how to meditate and then explore some travels on their own.”


“This Meditation CD is getting rave reviews… it quickly places you in that place of higher awareness, making it very easy to transition into meditation without a fidgeting and wandering mind.”

Wendy, Garden Plum

On the Inside Cover:
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