Find Peace Within

Truly an experience of how we may all Find Peace Within.

Internationally recognized guided meditation duo Gerri DeSimone and Emmy® Awarded composer Matt Pavolaitis team up to take you on an enchanting mystical journey using modern ambiance textures and organic sounds that elevate spiritual guide music into a marriage of healing and vibratory inner harmony.

Find Peace Within
A Journey of Re-Membering

Find Peace Within

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Find Peace Within, A journey of Re-Membering is a truly remarkable experience of going within and allowing yourself the opportunity to rediscover and explore your own divine nature. As Gerri’s soothing, calm and nurturing presence guides you on this journey of discovery you find yourself transported to a place of peace and wonder. This wonderful CD brings you out of the stress of everyday living and offers you a visual journey into the truth of who we all are – divine beings – full of light and love.

The first meditation, Train of Re-Membering, takes you on an amazing journey where you are offered the experience of viewing your own life path – an opportunity to remember who you truly are and why you are here. As you travel through this meditation, you relax and allow your conscious awareness to come to the forefront. This can assist in giving you a better understanding of why you chose your own path as well as some of the many significant people involved in this your journey.

The second meditation, Inner Awareness, is extraordinary in the way that it makes you feel tremendously loved and protected, similar to coming home to a warm cozy fire, surrounded by those you love. This meditation soothes the soul and is wonderful for going within and focusing on the self. Again, it brings us back to who we truly are – beings of pure divine light. In addition, both meditations are followed by the instrumental-only version which allows us the opportunity to stay in the loving energy for a bit longer, if we choose.

SIDE 1 Tracks:

  1. Train of Re-membering LISTEN!!!
  2. Play
  3. Train of Re-Membering Instrumental

SIDE 2 Tracks:

  1. Inner Awareness Meditation LISTEN!!!
  2. Play
  3. Inner Awareness Meditation Instrumental

Find Peace Within, A Journey of Re-Membering, is a must have CD. In both meditation experiences, the combination of the delightful music of Matt Pavolaitis and Gerri DeSimone’s lovely soothing words create a soft, safe haven, wrapping around you like a warm blanket or a loving hug. This combination allows you to relax into the love and light of knowing how special you really are – how amazingly beautiful and divine we all are.

Find Peace Within, A Journey of Re-Membering is truly an experience of how we may all Find Peace Within

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