Auric Record Clearing

Auric Record Clearing
With Harmonizing Frequencies of Love and Light

This set includes 3 guided meditations set in the harmonic vibration of Love and Light. Utilizing the rich, vibrant tones of the crystal bowls to assist in the balancing of your chakra centers and the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies which are are comprised of the frequencies which help to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. The listener is empowered to clear and fill their own energy field/aura with the Love and Light of The Divine Consciousness in which we reside.

Auric Record Clearing
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Internationally known guided meditation duo Gerri Shanti DeSimone and Emmy® Awarded composer Matt Pavolaitis ( team up, once again, to create an enchanting mystical experience using Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies and crystal bowl soundings that elevate spiritually guided music into a marriage of healing and vibratory inner harmony.

“The Sacred Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including the beautiful and well known Gregorian Chants.”

The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

Track 1:
Releasing Energetic Cords of Attachment Guided Meditation has been composed and recorded with the Sacred Solfeggio Frequency of 417 HZ which assists in Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change.
This guided meditation assists you to allow any energetic attachments to simply melt away opening space for you to more clearly and consciously connect with you Higher Self, with the Divine and Source of All That IS. – 23:32 minutes


Track 2:
Releasing Energetic Cords of Attachment Instrumental . – 23:32 minutes


Track 3:
Filling Yourself With Light Guided Meditation has been composed and recorded utilizing the Sacred Solfeggio Frequency of 528 HZ which assists in Transmutation and Miracles (DNA Repair). This guided meditation leads you through a process of filling yourself, inside and out, with the healing energy of the Divine Love and Light.
This process can transmute old energetic patterns and raise your frequency and vibratory rate, allowing you to experience the gentle vibration of your own loving essence and your connection to ALL that IS. – 17:55 minutes


Track 4:
Filling Yourself with Light Instrumental. – 17:55 minutes


Track 5:
Auric Record Clearing Instructions provides you information about this gentle healing process of clearing any old residual energetic patterns from the happenings of your past and restoring you to a more healed and balanced state of being. – 2:18 minutes


Track 6:
The Auric Record Clearing Guided Meditation assists you in the clearing of your Auric/Aura Field of any old residual disharmonious energies of sadness, restriction, fear, worry and hurt. Allow the Light energy to inform your chakras, to re-invigorate them and to heal any energetic woundings bringing you to a more peace-filled, energetically-balanced healed state of being. – 24:57 minutes


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