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Spiritual and Psychic Development Support Guidebook

Spiritual and Psychic Development Support Guidebook
Seeds Of Awakening
Spiritual and Psychic Development Support Guidebook
Measures 5″x7″
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This is a self-help guidebook to assist those who are experiencing Spiritual and Psychic events. And, also, for those who are Awakening to and Re-Membering their Path of Self Realization in this lifetime.

My hope is that this guidebook will serve to point the way to additional resources, whether Spiritual or Physical, that can give you more in-depth information and experiential assistance to guide you along THE WAY Back to Source.

This guidebook includes information gathered while I was preparing lessons to teach Spiritual and Psychic Development, Energy Clearing, Meditation, The Use of Mantras and The Sight and Sounds of Spirit.

I always enjoy hearing your experiences as you go forward on your Path of Re-Membering with YourSelves and Spirit.

Sample from the Book:

QUESTION #1. Who can I talk to about my Spiritual and Psychic Experiences?

THE SPIRITUAL AND PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT CIRCLE is a group of people who are available for you to share the experiences that you have had with Spirit. This Circle is set up to allow you to feel comfortable sharing experiences with other like-minded folks.

It is also a place to practice your new skills, to clear your chakra energy systems and to experience healing, guidance and wisdom from your own Inner Guides.

During the Circle we experience meditations, energy clearings and activities to assist us in fine tuning our communications with Your Higher Self, Your Guides and with Source.

We can explore how and why Spirit is trying to gain our attention. We learn and practice the many benefits of ‘Going Within’ during meditation. And we share and gain validation from each other and Spirit.


Reflections of the Sun

Reflections of the Sun
Reflections of the Sun
A Spiritual Instruction Trilogy from the God SOURCE
$11 plus shipping

“This Trilogy includes: The Reflections which are a set of stories that shall help them to become Aware, once again, of the correct meanings of This Passage.

Magic In-Sight, The Steps to Love which are here as a reminder of ALL that they know to be true.

The Actions which are here to help remind them of their Agreements in this Passage at this time. This set of three compilations is set in prose and poetic writings as given to Gerri DeSimone, a Spiritual Scribe and Messenger”

“If you find these WORDS in your hands, you have been called to learn from them and from each other. You have been invited to partake in the Energy of THESE WORDS and to revel in Their Joy for you and yours.”

Sample from the Book:

ALL connected as ONE . ALL united together, ALL One, ALL.
It is the time for this remembrance for some of you know and in that remembering to share that with the others around you even those who do not understand what you are saying to them.

pg. 126
It begins with this booklet, this packaging up of These Words to give to those who do not read the internet who cannot now see in that manner. Those who need to have the Words held out before them there. Those in whom these Words will leave trace of remembrance. 9:17:09am 11/28

The time of completion is soon upon you there and it is your task to bring them forward to the few and the many who will listen with their hearts, not just their ears. Who can see with their mind’s eye and now feel with their intuitions here.

They are the ones to whom these Words will be remembered.

They are the ones to find repose in this action.

You are just the messenger, and I am the Deliverer. I will make the way for this to take place. Your job, if you so chose, is to bring them into beingness(write them on down) and send them out in print in some manner. And give them to the ones who want them there.

9:18:54am 999 completion message to Light workers- get to work because Mother Earth needs you help right now. selflessness, dedication life to others, number of completion and ending, release, universal compassion, tolerance, wisdom”.