A Day of Thanksgiving

11/03 9:57am “Say to those around you there that they have come to the brink of their imaginations and that they are to no longer suffer in their own midst. For as they begin to see and say of their … Continue reading

Find YourSELF and Bring IT HOME

7/14 “FIND YourSELF and bring IT Home that is the name of this new edition. That place WITHIN where you seek to go and find the PEACE right there below. You are the Ones who will attain this mission. You … Continue reading

Actions Settled Forwards

10:50:20pm 5/7 “The WORDS that I now say to you Will help you out with what you do. Will help you with your consternation Of what you are to do in this nation. Will help you now to true console … Continue reading

The Images

5/06 7:37:37am “The IMAGES, that will be the name of this part of your excursions here. The IMAGES. The IMAGES are those views that you hold that do keep you settled in your ways, in the ways of the world … Continue reading

Take a Peek

2:10:55pm 7/13 The Words that I now send to you will help you ‘out’ with what you do. Will help you in your consternation to find yourSelves, now, in This Nation. Here beyond the places, behold Your Images that have … Continue reading

You Hold the Key

6:29:41pm 12/30 “The Words that I send through to you Will help you out with what you do. Will help you with your circumstance And give you hope and give a chance. Chance to seek the WORDS renown And find … Continue reading

Release Your Baggage

5/03 “Dear web viewers, I have come to follow This Course with a New Method of Seeing Within. You have come along long way To find yourSelves right HERE today. And in this passage that has taken it’s time You … Continue reading

Their Way Home is Through LOVE

11/28 “The web writing that I have in store for you today is to bring to them the enhancement of their meanings there.” They have come to this fruition and now want to find their way HOME . Their Way … Continue reading


6:59:20am 9/9 “The Words that I do send to you Will continue on with what you do. For Here is After Thought you see That brings you closer, closer to me. To say to them that listens wide That I … Continue reading


9/12 7:07:45am ” The Words that I do bring on side will help you now, to ever decide. Decide for selves what will you do as you traverse now in the zoo. Traverse wisely you are told, to take yourself … Continue reading


9/13 7:12:12am 1+2 and 1+2 = ’33’means all things are possible. ” THE WORDS that I have left for you will help them out now, in the zoo. The is place of learning brings you mirth as you do settle … Continue reading


9/23 9:15:25pm ” The WORDS now have been given to they to help them out with each their day. And they have found a new decision has come to them with no derision That they do sit inside, you see, … Continue reading