All ONE and The SAME

9/26 7:02:56am

(7+2 = the # ‘9’ and 5+6 = the # ’11’

‘911’ means help is on the way.)

“The Time of Life is set unto

and it does bring you to the zoo.

For settling here with Words and pride

that bring you ever to THE OTHER SIDE.

I settle here, aside of thee

,to help you out of your reverie.

To help you with your remunerations

and find for yourselves This BRAND NEW NATION.

Not new in Senses from Beyond

but new to you who traverse on.”

I would like to speak to you now of our passage on this earth.

Your work and your families and your travels are but the re-course that you have to learn about yourselves, to find your way back to YourSELVES, which is back in Time.

For it is when you start to ‘See’ that ALL is interconnected with each other, that ALL does begin to come clear.

For in this separation of thoughts, words and deeds, you find for yourself a disruption of your energy pattern. In this disruption you wish to gain control and in the lack of doing that you become agitated.

But, if you should chose to Re-Member with YourSELVES and find that you are All One and The Same, that your thoughts affect the others and their thoughts affect you and your actions take charge of others in an attempt to bring you to some sense of control, your Passage Way to Here shall unfold.

For, in TRUTH, the control that you lack is Here in This Moment, is Here for the asking. The control of YourSELF, The control enough to ‘See’ that more is to be coming, to be happening, that more is the results of your angst within your beings. That you can recede from this pain, that you can re-set your Sights on Another Place. That it is in knowing your goodness, in knowing you’re fine, that you can begin to realize that All are fine, and ALL are good, without fear and condemnation.

For it is in your fear that you attempt to control those about you. You attempt to find YourSELF within their being. But they are just a reflection for you, of what you need, not them, but what you can give to yourself.

I have come at this time to Re-Mind you of these Actions and Notions. For you know them deep within your Being. They are there for the asking. Just need to be Re-Membered with.

9/26 7:09:19am

7+0+9+1+9 = 26, 2+6 = the # ‘8’

‘8’ means transformation, infinity, a phase of your life is about to end, there is Light at the end of the tunnel.

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