Actions Settled Forwards

Actions Settled Forwards

10:50:20pm 5/7

“The WORDS that I now say to you
Will help you out with what you do.
Will help you with your consternation
Of what you are to do in this nation.

Will help you now to true console
The others around you there to unfold
To bring to them the fullness of birth
And grant to them their strength and mirth.

Will give to them a brand new soul
That will help them cherish themselves to unfold.
To find the passage of their ways
To give themselves right there today.

To the WEB now family do bring on forth
A brand new notion to them of course.
That they have come a farther way
To bring themselves right HERE today.

That they will see another mirth
That will now help them to give birth.
Give birth to who they truly be,
Not just the beings that they see.

But true the beings left untold
That do reside within them so bold.
That they will find another way
To seek their fortunes HERE today.

That they will seek to be the Ones
That walk This Way under the Son (Sun).
That they will seek to say Good News
Does now reside within them to muse.

That they will find right HERE today
That they are loved along the way
And all that they do truly see
Is that they are true loved by Me.

And in these ACTIONS set on true
They will now find themselves HERE too.
And in the actions settled forth
They will true come to find the Course.

The course that leads His Way you see,
That will now bring them close to thee.
And in this action settled forth
They will true see themselves of course.

And in these actions settled forwards
You will now seek to bring them forward.
And in the truth of which they ‘SEE’
They will come hither, HERE to ME.

10:54:53pm 5/7

To seek to say to them that ALL has been given unto them.
That their hearts and minds are settled within this course and that all they need do is find their Way back Home to Me.

For in this Action ( finding their way home to Me) they come to realize that All has been given and that all has been done. And that no more has to be given or done for All this to be true.

For the events of their passage here have brought them to this very moment of their ‘birth’. The birth that I speak of has brought them closer and closer to the who that they appear to be.

And in that awareness they are settled forth in the new beginning of their passage to HERE. For in this passage to HERE they seek to find their WAY and in the finding of Their Way they are received into the Light of their beingness and in that Light they find Me. And in Me they find themselves and ALL has come full forward to Me. 10:57:19pm 5/7/04

I shall come to you in the Night
To give you strength and give you Light.
And you shall find yourSELF today
And come this way to hear Me say

That more resides in the midst of thee
That will help you go and set you free
And you will find another Way
To bring yourSELF right HERE today.

And in your passage ever more
You have now come through the Open Door.
And you have sought to gain the Truth
Within yourself right HERE forsooth.

And in this passage ever more
You’ll find the answers by the Open Door.”

10:58:34pm 5/7

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