The Actions

Action 9. To Find YourSELVES

10/26 9:28:05am

“I am here in this day to bring you some Words of Consolation. For it is in the understanding of YourSELVES that you find a way to understand all the others around you there.

It is in the compassion for your youth and the youth of those who stand aside of you that you can come to this division.

This division of expectation, of misunderstandings; of wantings and waitings for something else outside of you to make things all feel right.

Things are now ALL right. They are as they should be. For each has a purpose in the moments of each situation.

Each has a lesson to be learned and taught. Each will find for themselves the many ways in which to find ThemSELVES. For that is the Action that you take on this evening.

To Find YourSelves within each other there, to be reminded that you all do the same and feel the same and wonder the same and think the same.

And that ALL is awaiting your Actions there without defeat, without remand, without condemnation but with Love and Assurances that ALL WILL BE WELL.”

SUNDAY 10/26 9:31:15am

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