The Actions

Action 8. The Action of Forgiveness

10/21 9:11am

( ‘911’ means Help is on The Way )

“The next Acton that I would like you to talk about is the Action of Forgiveness.

To forgive yourself and those around you there; those who have hurt you through their hurt; those who have left you through their leaving; those who will find you and leave you and gain your trust and go away.

They come and go and you find for yourself no need for this Action, but in truth, this is the most important one to achieve.

For in the for-giving you release them and yourselves. You gain so much freedom of actions in this Action.

You are able to then go on forwards into the night without being held back because of this lack (of forgiveness).

Now is the time for this to happen. Now is the time to achieve this transformation.

For in this endeavor you will achieve more freedom than you can ever imagine.

In this releasement All will be Well and Is already Well.

I give you this Action as a reminder of the Steps that need to be taken to help with this assessment of yourselves; this look at your progress and your pilgrimage here.

Go now and find for yourself the results of these Actions and you will be amazed at the freedom, release and recovery you shall find.

10/21 9:15:02pm

9+1+5+0+2= 17, 1+7 = the # ‘8’

‘8’ means transformation, infinity, prosperity, abundance, leadership.

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