The Actions

Action 7. To Follow Through

10/17 7:06:50am

“So go to your Actions here today
and write these Words most clear at play.
To find YourSELF in Hope Divine
that will give you Love in good now time.

To write to them the Actions coursing
that will bring them Love in this Discoursing.
The Action that I speak on to
is The Action now, To Follow Through.

To Follow Through with your demands,
to bring YourSELF to Another Remand (Reminder).
To bring now true the best of thee
is To Follow Through with The Rest that you see.

To bring yourselves to Magic hither,
to find YourSELVES and do not wither.
Do not wither in size and frame
as you Open Your Eyes and call out My Name.

My Name does bring you rest you see
within The Energy sent out from Me.
To find Your Way in this command,
is all you have to do, Remand.

Remand YourSELVES and find your Stay
will be worthwhile for you today.

10/17 7:09:03am

Today is the Day of Actions, my kin
to find for YourSELVES your Own LOVE within.
For within each Being is felt you see
This divine now action here from ME.

This Action brings you close to your Soul
and there you shall find Another Now Hold .
A Place of Action Within the Depths of Thee
to hold you safe in this now, reverie.

I will say to you that this is the time to hold to YourSELVES and to find out what it is that you are seeking.
The seeking is within you there, the Place that draws you Within in Action.
The Actions that I speak of will bring you to your Core, that Centered Place within which you find Your SELF.
The SELF that is awaiting you there.

That knows you well, that holds you Supreme, that gives you Your Love and finds you Your Dreams.
But now is the time for this Action to take place
and I will help you on out of this form of dis-grace.

This form of living that takes you from The Grace that is Within you there. This is the time to Re-Connect with that Grace and to find for your selves an Instruction Booklet of Lessons and Actions to help in this endeavor.
Instruction booklet.

First Lessons and Actions.
First lesson is To Love One Another As You Have Loved ME.

Have you loved ME?
Do you find your Self Within ME?
Do you find YourSELVES Within you?
Where are you?

When are you?
What is happening to you and your fears?
When shall you contemplate a different way of doing and seeing and being?
These are all questions to be answered in the dark night of your Being.

These will be answered, one by one, for you to find out what it is You Are to BE and DO and SEE.”


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