The Actions

Action 6. To Ever Sleep

10/6 6:23:31am

” The Words that I now send to you
will help you out now of the stew.
Will help you in your tribulations,
will help you with your conflagrations

The Action that I send so deep
is now, for you To Ever Sleep.
To Sleep with Eyes that Open Wide,
to find YourSELF and do not hide.

To give yourself another grin
to capture your now, SELF WITHIN.
To find IT there, no place to be,
to find it now, is sent from Me

For Truth in Action will find your way
this Truth in Action is here to stay.
The Action settling on your brow
is to open wide your ‘Eyes’ and how.

And how to do that now ,you see,
is to connect, each moment of your life, with Me.
To connect in Magic, to connect, you see,
with the admiration of the rest of ME.

The Rest of ME is the World Beyond,
that settles near you from far and yon.
The world around you does settle, too,
in hopes of connecting Here with THE VIEW.

I hope to see your faces yon
in admiration of YourSELVES Beyond.
To give yourselves Another view
of All that happens in the stew.

To bring you to the Places Here
where there is not trouble and there is no fear.
Where LOVE abides Within The ALL
and hopes reside in the BEST of us All.


To understand the purpose of this Action one must come to the real-eyes-ation that More is going on than your natural eyes can see; that you have been brought to this place to find for yourselves the results of your daze (days).

This daze has brought you to a place of imag-in-nation, to that place where you see what you think you see; where you do not see the Truth of IT ALL.

But that is about to change. That is beginning to change for some of you and the rest will find that their eyes are a changing, a-changing in their perceptions, ever so slowly.

For it must be slowly or the results will be too harsh. For it is in this Re-Membering that ALL does come through. So you ‘See’ this Action is to close your eyes, to ‘ever sleep’ in order to bring YourSELF to the Truth of the Magic Here.

To Ever Sleep means to forget what you know and come to the fruition of the Truth. To Ever Sleep means to find for your- self the Truth of Your Ways, to forget the pain of your actions and those of a few, to give yourself the chance to Re-Group with your Fellows Here.

To Ever Sleep is a term that encourages you to gain your acceptance of Who you really are and What you have come to do.

To Ever Sleep is the Notion that Now is the Time to Re-Member with YourSELVES and the Others around you there.

To Ever Sleep is the Means to This Desire,
This Desire that brings you ever Higher.
Higher to the Place you Be
Higher now, to rest with ME.

So go to sleep is the WORDS I speak
to give you an Action that is not now weak.
But strong in the strength that you need know about
that will capture you ever and hold you from doubt.

Hold you now, from the doubts that you see
that hold you in place and leave you from ME.
But Here are the Answers, here with your Kin
and hold YourSELF wide for the Rest to come in.”

10/10 6:39:00am

6:39:00am = 99 which is the number of completion, endings, release, universal compassion, tolerance, wisdom.

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