The Actions

Action 5. To Breathe

10/10 10:32:47pm

“An Action I give you to send out in the Light
to Those there around you who watch now your plight.
For They hold you ever in the Palm of Their Hands
and bring you most ever to he start of your Plan.

The Action I speak of will be #5 (five)
that helps the most ever to keep them alive.
To Breathe is the answer that I send for your kin
to help them most ever to bring Life Within.

To Breathe in their justice, to Breathe in their Plan
that will help them most ever to be a better man.
A better race of people who hold to their plight
and bring themselves laughter as they go through their night.

To Breathe in the prana of energy they’re given
to find them most ever with the Dawn they are living.
But Truth holds beyond a much brighter day
for them to now find as they walk on their way.

To Breath is the answer to make them now see
That it causes them laughter as they relax verily.
To Breath is the answer, to Breath from Above
and find for themselves a New Kind of Love.

10/10/03 10:35:47pm

I go from you now as the dawn seeks the day
and will come back again in My own Sort of Way.
To bring now to you a much better View
of ALL and IT’S Actions here in the stew.”

10/10 10:36:26pm = ‘9’

‘9’ means completion and of ending, release, universal compassion, tolerance, wisdom.

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