The Actions

Action 4. To Hold YourSELF in Fond Esteem

10/07 8:44:26am

” To take the Actions that you seek
to help to make yourselves more meek
To find the strength within your being
to walk around with Another Seeing.

To walk around with eyes held high
and keep your outlook on the sky.
To find the strength Within Your Being
to give to you Another Seeing.

For All does happen here in time
to help you learn to Another Rhyme.
Another Rhyme and Message, see,
is what I give right now to thee.

The Actions taken here, of course,
to help you find your Way on course.
To forgive yourselves of deeds miss done
and to help you find Another One.

Another One who holds you safe
within your captive fond embrace.
This Place Within does rest in you
and holds you safe within your view.

For all is well for now this Being
that holds you safe Within your Seeing.
And you will find YourSELF there wide
and keep your images there to hide.

Relieve the images on your face
of deeds done wrong in your eyes to efface.
For All the Actions of This One
are set in motion under the Sun (Son).

The Action given to your face
Is To Hold Yourself In Fond Embrace.
To hold yourSELF with widest eyes
to ‘See’ your Image before My EYES.

I see you there as plain can be
And you cannot now run from Me.
I hold you here in Fond Embrace
to help you ‘See’ your favored with Grace.

The Grace I hold you deep Within
will help you find YourSELF with Kin.
For They do give you a chance to see
that you both shine out now, here from Me.”

8:48:24am 10/07

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