The Actions

Action 3. To Tolerate Others

10/03 7:06:30am

” The Words that I now send to you
will help you out with what you do
With what you do across that Nation
to help the others of Creation.

For you have simply set your path
on the Words of Wisdom that you hath.
I’ve come to you in the midst of this day
to settle widely on you to pray.

Pray forever after, true,
just what evolves in side of you.


The Page of Words that comes on through
is settling here now, with This Crew.
Is settling throughout their common being
to help them with their extra-ordinary ‘Seeing’.

The Actions I give to you, each one,
will help you now, out in the Sun (Son).
The Third Action that you see
is To Tolerate The Others who are there next to thee.

To send them LOVE with true desire
to bring them ever closer, and higher.
To bring them Truth within their beings
of ALL that rests within their Seeings.

The Actions set upon this course
will help you find YourSELVES, of course.
The Action set now, inside of thee
will be Re-Membered most certainly.

Will be Re-Membered in heart, soul and mind
and give you the strength you need to the Divine.

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