The Actions

Action 2. To Take, Now, Your Time

10/01 6:44:00am

“The INSPIRATION that you have inside
Will help to open you ere wide.
To bring to you a celebration
of All that you are now in the nation.

To seek to say, in best repose,
that more is to come for you suppose.
The WORDS I SPEAK to you this day
will help you out of your pain at play.

The Action given to now ,this one
will help you in the noon day Sun (Son).
To give to you a conversation
to bring to the others here in the nation.

To sing and to sway to gain your de-Light
as you walk in the Madness here now, tonight.
To walk in the Light of the Being you Be
and give it a whirl at the ‘Seeing’ you see.

The Action I speak of is To Take Now Your Time
to be good to yourselves at least part of the time.
To give to yourselves a much Broader View
of all of the Actions here in the zoo.

To give to yourself the time and the Action
To go to these Places and find satisfaction.
To go to the Places that bring you de-Light
and give them a passage here in the night.

To find for yourself a much broader view
Of All as it results here in the zoo.
My way is abundant with Beauties galore
and I would like you to see them as you walk through The Door.

As you walk through your pleasures that carry you about
And find for yourself a Brand New Now, Clout.”

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