The Actions

Action 11. To Find Your Actions In Your Dreams

10/30 4:45am

“To bring yourself to Peace it seems
is To Find Your Actions In Your Dreams.
To dream is what you must now do
to set your Actions in the stew.

To dream of things the way they were
is to stop your Actions to occur.
To dream of things as they might be
will bring you to your New Reverie.

This dreaming method carries you forward
and brings your Actions to your forehead.
For in the thought of what might be
your life transforms most verily.

Into the life you want to live,
into the life where you can give.
Can give to others of your face
the chance to come to His Holy Grace.

To find ThemSELVES is the result of your Being,
to give the LOVE now, for the seeing.
So release these Actions one by one
and follow them clearly to the Sun (Son).

For in the Actions you will resolve
the Mysteries that you have to solve.
But finding Truth Inside, you see,
does carry you, most ever, to Me.

To ME is where you want to go,
to ME is how it ought to show.
For when THIS ACTION does occur,
you find your WAY and find a Cure.

A Cure for all that ails you, see,
is left Aside in Front of thee.


The Booklet that you bring on course
will help them with their Path, of course.
So go and finish this Job unto
and carry it forward to the few.

To the few who want and wait
These Actions spelled out for Their Plate
To give to them Another Repose
in the Methods given now here, suppose.”


’33’ means All things are possible.

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