The Actions

Action 10. To Step to Kindness

10/29 7:23:30am

“The WORDS that I now give to you
will help you out with what you do.
Will help you find your inner Being
and hold it safe Within your Seeing.

For I have come to bring to you
These Words of Magic to give the few.
The few who wander close aside
and bring to you the great divide.

The division clearly does meet, There is a Soul
and brings to them a brand new toll.
The toll that I do send to thee
is that they are in reverie.

Their reverie now holds them some
as they do wander amidst the scum.
The scum that falters along their way
to hold them safely here today. (and Away)

I come to thee to tell them, too,
that More is to be brought to them in the stew.
The More that I speak of will open them wide
to the possibilities that THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE.

Another Side to ALL of God’s Creatures
that holds them safely here for their features.
Another Action I bring to thee
The Step to Kindness in the sea.

The Kindness that I speak about
will hold them clearly here, no doubt.
For in their Kindness to their souls’
they release their anguish to the others suppose.

They let the others go on through
because they now are helping the View.
Helping the View to be brought to the Fold
and helping it, too, to be truthful and told.

Forever I say that More shall be revealed
in the rest of this situation in which you are healed.
An Action Step is what you say
will hold you safely for today.

To take the Steps in Action, my dears,
that will hold you safely Here, no fear.
For ever after be this One
that holds you safe now, under the Sun (Son).

An Action Step to release your beings
unto the avenue that you are seeing.
Unto the Place where you behold
the Miraculous Method that you are now told.

The Action that I bring to you
in the Action of Kindness here in the stew.
This Kindness does gravitate toward each one
As it begins with you now under the Sun (Son).

The Son holds the future for what you are to see
and gives it My Blessing here next to thee.
In Kindness you find the Roots of your Beingness. In
Kindness you seek to say to YourSELF that you are whole and complete, that you need not achieve any thing more, that ALL has already come to you.

But in unkindness you forget these viewings and beat on yourselves in an attempt to fix yourselves.
But the only SELF that you have is already “fixed”.
It is “Fixed” in God’s Love –ing -ness.
It is Fixed in the View that ALL Will Be Well

as soon as you begin to see this and tell
And tell it to others who circle about
and give them the freedom to find out their shout.

This Kindness has a universal meaning, a meaning to bring to you more Actions that will send you Higher to the Place where you want to Be at this rime on their earth place.”

10/29 7:31:04am

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