The Actions

Action 1. Action of Meditation

9/29 6:37:45am

“Many Words have opened wide
To bring you Love from the Other Side.
And you have come to this FULL FORCE
and you will see your Self on course.

The WORDS I send, this day, to thee
Will help them find their Reverie.
That Reverie that rests inside
will help them now, not Here to hide.

To come to Here to find for themselves
that LOVE does rest now, on the SHELF.
That I have come to them full force
and hold for them an Open Course.

The Course that I do seldom see
Will be transformed from ME to thee.
And you can send it to your friends
and they will soon begin to mend.

The First Action that I would suggest for them is to get in touch with their Inner Being,
That part of them that awaits the Action of their Soul’s Desire.
This Desire is to take them to levels ever higher.
The Place that I speak of is of the Highest Realm

that will help them now, out of their lowest hell.
For in the quiet they can seek
to find for themselves another peek (peak).
Another peek of ThemSELVES held High

and find their Images Here on wide.
I would like for them to consider the ACTION of MEDITATION.
that Place Within themselves that awaits this ACTION, that place of Peace and Quiet, that Place that they strive to find here on earth. But This Place is not out in the realms of discovery, This Place is Deep Within ThemSELVES.

To do this they must take some time each day to stop their actions and try another ACTION. The Action of quiet repose, of gaining the Images that can keep them tranquil even if just for a moment or two.

Begin small, take the time to breathe, take the time to give ThemSELVES a Gift of silence. This Gift of Silence is the start of the Journey Within, to the Place of Re-Membrance, to the Place of Strength, of Peace, of Solitude with ME.

I have come today to Re-Mind them to re-gain their minds in this fashion;

The Mind that is focused on ME Within, not with- out.

The ACTIONS that I speak of will take them far, far way from the actions that cause them such distress. The rantings and ravings of their fear -driven minds need to be quieted in order to Re-Member. To Re-Member with ThemSELVES, that pure SELF Within that awaits their dis-covery.

I will take you ACTION by ACTION to this Place of dis-covery, this Place of uncovering your True SELF and True Worth and True Emotion.

The Emotion that I speak of is the Emotion of LOVE, that Love that enhances your connection with ME, that place of LOVE where ALL is Well, ALL of the Time.

No need to bring worry to this ACTION, just Love for yourself and what you are trying to do.

The more you make your connection with ME, the easier it will be for you to connect Within. No need to try, just do, just breathe and rest, in the Quietude of Your Heaven Within.

My Words to you are never seen
but felt in the MAGIC of THIS DREAM.
And I will send MY STRENGTH to thee
as you do walk aside to BE.”

9/29 6:47:35am

6+4+7+3+5 = 25, 2+5 = the # ‘7’

‘7’ means inner life, mystical # symbolizes wisdom, birth and rebirth.

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