A Day of Thanksgiving

A Day of Thanksgiving

11/03 9:57am

“Say to those around you there that they have come to the brink of their imaginations and that they are to no longer suffer in their own midst. For as they begin to see and say of their awarenesses they have come to a completely New Fruition. They have come to the point of their beingness and have come forwards in this place and time. They are all in need of themSelves and in so doing shall receive All that has been given unto them. Some of them fight the meanings of their ways, some of them keep on going in the wrong direction . The direction that takes them away from ME. But in so doing they gain a different perspective of what it is they are to be doing and learning.

All has been accomplished for them and for they.
ALL has been given them here in this Day.
But they do not see with their eyes open wide, all that they see is the darkness of the skies.
They forget what has brought them to the brink of this command.

They forget and remember not who they are in this Band.
But soon they will encapture themselves from Above and re-gain all profusion on the Wings of The Dove.
The Wings of The Dove has but brought them some space (place) for to re-member most clearly in the midst of This Face.
I have been given unto you, you have been given unto ME and in that condition All has come True.

Soon there will be a New Day to come, soon there will be a Day of Thanksgiving, for ALL that has come forth at this time. But soon, now in this place, All shall be made new and given unto thee. 10:02:12pm 11/03

For in this true knowingness you shall find your Way Home to ME. ( where do you find that you certainly do ask?) You find That deep Within the Heart of you, deep Within that part of you that sets you free to be, that part of you that brings you forwards at this time. To the place of your discovering. To the place of your awareness and hope and strength.

I leave you now for you to rest and in that rest you will achieve Another Level of your awarenesses there.” 10:03:35pm 11/03

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