Gerri Shanti DeSimone

Finding Peace Within

Start Finding Peace Within.

Do you ever wonder…

What does it mean to Find Peace within?
What will that do for me?
How do I begin to achieve that?
Why is this even important for me?

Finding Peace Within, through the practice of meditation, gives you a much deeper perspective on who and what you are, why you are here and what is most important in your life.

Finding Peace Within yourself gives you the confidence to obtain and become aware of your own answers, guidance and healing.

Finding Peace Within through meditation allows your physical body to relax, unwind, release and heal.

Finding Peace Within Spiritual and Intuitive development classes and workshops assist you to more clearly see, hear, feel and know the subtle and not so subtle Sights and Sounds of Spirit Communication. This helps you to gain answers for yourself. This helps you to know that you have an Inner Healer, Inner Teacher, as well as Inner child, Mother and Father. All these aspects come into clearer perspective through this practice.

We Find Peace Within through the practice of Meditation. This practice can be experienced through Guided Meditations, Indian Chanting, and Native American Journeying. These meditations give you the opportunity to maintain a relaxed state of mind allowing you to be more open to the messages of your soul, of Source and of your Higher Self.

You can begin to achieve that Place of Peace through the practice of relaxation techniques utilized in Meditation. Begin by joining Spiritual and Intuitive development classes that provide the support and community of those practicing as well. This is much like attending your piano lessons, week after week you build upon what you have learned, gain further insights and increase the ability to achieve and maintain the quiet that your soul longs for.

My private Auric Record Clearing sessions allow you to ask specific questions, connect with your loved ones, review your akashic records, find out about your aura or check in on your chakra health.

Meditation allows:

  • the Physical Body a chance to slow down and rejuvenate from the cares and worries of the world
  • the Mental Body time to relax and release thoughts and concerns in that moment in time. This allows you to become aware of new thoughts, ideas, resources and remedies for your life situations.
  • the Spiritual Body the opportunity to gain your attention. This provides you with clearer insight into your Divine Purpose in the lifetime.
  • the Emotional Body the ability to release old energetic woundings that may be interfering with your life at this time. Re-energized with a healed state of being, you can move forward into what you truly desire.

Find out more about Meditation Classes and Personal Readings

There are so many ways to Find Peace Within. Our Spiritual and Intuitive development classes and workshops are offered from beginner to advanced level to assist you and help facilitate your spiritual growth.

Private Auric Record Clearings are available to help you address specific issues or concerns. Providing you with more in-depth clarity, meaning and understanding towards your spiritual self empowerment.

Find out more detailed information about these offerings from the links below.

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