A Day of Thanksgiving

11/03 9:57am

“Say to those around you there that they have come to the brink of their imaginations and that they are to no longer suffer in their own midst. For as they begin to see and say of their awarenesses they have come to a completely New Fruition. They have come to the point of their beingness and have come forwards in this place and time. They are all in need of themSelves and in so doing shall receive All that has been given unto them. Some of them fight the meanings of their ways, some of them keep on going in the wrong direction . The direction that takes them away from ME. But in so doing they gain a different perspective of what it is they are to be doing and learning.

All has been accomplished for them and for they.
ALL has been given them here in this Day.
But they do not see with their eyes open wide, all that they see is the darkness of the skies.
They forget what has brought them to the brink of this command.

They forget and remember not who they are in this Band.
But soon they will encapture themselves from Above and re-gain all profusion on the Wings of The Dove.
The Wings of The Dove has but brought them some space (place) for to re-member most clearly in the midst of This Face.
I have been given unto you, you have been given unto ME and in that condition All has come True.

Soon there will be a New Day to come, soon there will be a Day of Thanksgiving, for ALL that has come forth at this time. But soon, now in this place, All shall be made new and given unto thee. 10:02:12pm 11/03

For in this true knowingness you shall find your Way Home to ME. ( where do you find that you certainly do ask?) You find That deep Within the Heart of you, deep Within that part of you that sets you free to be, that part of you that brings you forwards at this time. To the place of your discovering. To the place of your awareness and hope and strength.

I leave you now for you to rest and in that rest you will achieve Another Level of your awarenesses there.” 10:03:35pm 11/03

Find YourSELF and Bring IT HOME


“FIND YourSELF and bring IT Home that is the name of this new edition.
That place WITHIN where you seek to go and find the PEACE right there below.
You are the Ones who will attain this mission. You are the ones who will find that Place of Peace.
That Place of Oneness Within, that place of earnest abandonment to the ONE and the ALL.

You will seek This Place and thus find its apparent benefits.
The benefits of releasing you from the duality in which you now survive.
But in this releasement you will survive on a much Higher Realm.

The Realm of the Divine. The Place of the Unknown, that area of Wisdom that encapsulates you now at this time. 6:07:21am

There are those around you there who would seek to stop your efforts of Communion with the One Above but in your perseverance you are finding your Way Home.

You will find this place of Re-Memberance and gain the opinion that you are Well, for you truly will be, ( are ) well.

You always have been well and always will be well.

It is just your imagination that causes you to forget this existence.

I am Here, in This Place, to bring this Good News to you. It is easy, it is simple.

Stop what you are doing to yourselves and others.

Re-gain that part of you that wants to go Home. Home to that Place Within where you find your Way to Me. Your Way to the truth of who and what you are.

I have come a long way for this endeavor to be succeeded. (Successful)

I have come to bring you this Message of Hope that you and the others there can achieve this accomplishment in the ‘Wink of An EYE’, in the moment that you believe!!

In the moment when your say ‘yes’ to the possibility of the Truth that surrounds you there. 6:10:14am

6:11:07am 7/14

Actions Settled Forwards

10:50:20pm 5/7

“The WORDS that I now say to you
Will help you out with what you do.
Will help you with your consternation
Of what you are to do in this nation.

Will help you now to true console
The others around you there to unfold
To bring to them the fullness of birth
And grant to them their strength and mirth.

Will give to them a brand new soul
That will help them cherish themselves to unfold.
To find the passage of their ways
To give themselves right there today.

To the WEB now family do bring on forth
A brand new notion to them of course.
That they have come a farther way
To bring themselves right HERE today.

That they will see another mirth
That will now help them to give birth.
Give birth to who they truly be,
Not just the beings that they see.

But true the beings left untold
That do reside within them so bold.
That they will find another way
To seek their fortunes HERE today.

That they will seek to be the Ones
That walk This Way under the Son (Sun).
That they will seek to say Good News
Does now reside within them to muse.

That they will find right HERE today
That they are loved along the way
And all that they do truly see
Is that they are true loved by Me.

And in these ACTIONS set on true
They will now find themselves HERE too.
And in the actions settled forth
They will true come to find the Course.

The course that leads His Way you see,
That will now bring them close to thee.
And in this action settled forth
They will true see themselves of course.

And in these actions settled forwards
You will now seek to bring them forward.
And in the truth of which they ‘SEE’
They will come hither, HERE to ME.

10:54:53pm 5/7

To seek to say to them that ALL has been given unto them.
That their hearts and minds are settled within this course and that all they need do is find their Way back Home to Me.

For in this Action ( finding their way home to Me) they come to realize that All has been given and that all has been done. And that no more has to be given or done for All this to be true.

For the events of their passage here have brought them to this very moment of their ‘birth’. The birth that I speak of has brought them closer and closer to the who that they appear to be.

And in that awareness they are settled forth in the new beginning of their passage to HERE. For in this passage to HERE they seek to find their WAY and in the finding of Their Way they are received into the Light of their beingness and in that Light they find Me. And in Me they find themselves and ALL has come full forward to Me. 10:57:19pm 5/7/04

I shall come to you in the Night
To give you strength and give you Light.
And you shall find yourSELF today
And come this way to hear Me say

That more resides in the midst of thee
That will help you go and set you free
And you will find another Way
To bring yourSELF right HERE today.

And in your passage ever more
You have now come through the Open Door.
And you have sought to gain the Truth
Within yourself right HERE forsooth.

And in this passage ever more
You’ll find the answers by the Open Door.”

10:58:34pm 5/7

The Images

5/06 7:37:37am

“The IMAGES, that will be the name of this part of your excursions here. The IMAGES.

The IMAGES are those views that you hold that do keep you settled in your ways, in the ways of the world within which you exist.

The IMAGES are the thoughts and reminders that you have that cause you so much pain within.

They are the remembrances of days (daze) gone past that keep you imprisoned, stuck in this realm of illusion.

You have come to another stepping stone. A place for forgiving yourself and others.

That place of remembering causes this upheaval. That place of remembering all that has come to pass and all that will be to be.

I have given you these Images as a chance to capture your wisdom from Within.

You can see them in your mind’s eye but choose to dismiss them as illusion . So the illusions that you seek are the Reality that you See and the reality that you see are the illusions that you seek.

Find your way through this puzzle and more shall come to you at last. For it is in this knowing that all shall be freed. Freed to be the ones that you set out to be, freed to be the ones that can contribute to the love for each other there. For in this love you find your contentment, in this True Love you gain your wisdom and healing. For without this LOVE all will be lost to the empire that encroaches upon you there.

Find your Way to ME in the darkest hours of your passage here and much will be discovered for you there and HERE.

I have gone before you to Light the WAY and the Truth and the Light.

And in this passage from there to HERE ALL has been gained for you there.

You are the ones to remind yourselves of these illusions and to gain your perspective on these trials as they encroach upon you there.

Find this to be true and MORE shall come to Pass ( more things and more people).

I have come here before and shall come again to leave you with My Words for you to put to pen and in this new contraption that you call your sense of worth.

You will find a way to release them now – a birth. A birth of new excitement that you have stepped beyond the fear and more illusion that has kept you set upon.

For in this truth you’re seeing you find ANOTHER WAY

to bring your hearts contentment to ME along THE WAY. 7:43:43 = 777

(“777′ means Angles applaud you, your wish is coming true, expect miracles.)

7 is the number of spiritual truth you see

and it follows you now daily to help you now to see.

that you have come a long way to find your new demand.

And you will open always to the construction of THIS BAND.

For WE do serve around you as you do serve your kin

And WE who walk about you do want you back again.

5/6 7:44:40am

( ‘444’ means the Angels are surrounding you , reassuring you of their love and help.)

Do enter on your web a few new Words to see
For them to find their way now centered here with ME.
For they are not sequestered, of left to their demands
They are held in Light that depends on now This Band.

This Band of Angels ever who stand aside of thee
To help you out most clearly with these WORDS that are sent from ME.
The Words will guide you ever in the Truth of what you see
And they will gain you never a powder puff to be.”

7:46:10 am 5/6 Thursday

Take a Peek

2:10:55pm 7/13

The Words that I now send to you
will help you ‘out’ with what you do.
Will help you in your consternation
to find yourSelves, now, in This Nation.

Here beyond the places, behold
Your Images that have not died of olde.
You can come and you can go
And find yourSELF right Here below.

For you can find the Peace you seek
Is Within you there, now take a peek.
You can find that place in you
That holds the Magic Here in View .

And you will find Another Way
To seek you Selves right HERE today.

She (Gerri) will find a way to bring these actions unto you. You will be in need of these as you go forwards on your way today. You are in need of directions that will help you to ‘see’ with ‘new eyes’ and hear with ‘new ears’ and settle forwards within you yourSELF to find your answers upon the shelf

The answers that you seek to say
Are held Within you Here today.
And when your passage is complete
You will now know that you’re loved complete.

You are loved completely through and through
And in time you will now sense this, too,
For in the loving of This One,
You find your peace now under the Sun (Son)

And in your loving that I allow to you
You will gain your respect of yourSelves through and through.

2:15:18pm 7/13

I have come here in this day to bring these New Words unto thee.

She (Gerri) has been lost far away for a very long time but her return is timely in this fashion.

She will bring to you the Words that will settle there with you


A Place to Re-member.

A Place To Re-member, a place to find yourSelves once again, A Place to gather to bring yourselves the truth of who and what you are. A place to bring your factions Home to yourSelves and to gain the wisdom of your beingness there today.”

You Hold the Key

6:29:41pm 12/30

“The Words that I send through to you
Will help you out with what you do.
Will help you with your circumstance
And give you hope and give a chance.

Chance to seek the WORDS renown
And find yourSELF within these bounds.
The factors rest aside of thee
And hold you safe in reverie.

For now these Words will hold you wide
And keep you safe and keep you fine.
I would like to say to those who read your column,
That more is to come for them to follow.

That more of MY WORDS are sent to them wide
To help them to truly find themselves inside.
For in each the others they do hold the KEY
That will help them to find themselves here with ME.

For I do remain in the depths of your BEINGS
And hold you there safe and wait for your seeing.
I wait here most truly, I wait deep inside
And you soon will find yourSELF THERE ere wide.

Release all your ACTIONS and bring them on forth
And you will remain in these Actions of course.
But Truth will belie and keep you ere main.
You step on these Actions and keep them again.


My hope in these Actions is that you will SEE
That your strength and your laughter does rest now with ME.
Does rest in the viewing of each all the faces
That you do hold wide now here for the traces.

So come to your senses (SENSES ) that You Hold The KEY
And bring yourselves wide in truth now to ME.
For in this beginning your strength does take hold
And you will find yourselves there ever bold. 6:35:15pm 12/30/03

This one that you seek will give you onto
A helping now hand to help you with THE VIEW.
And give you your ACTIONS and STEPS to open wide
So you can now truly find yourselves there now wide.”

6:36:01pm 12/30

Release Your Baggage


“Dear web viewers, I have come to follow This Course with a New Method of Seeing Within.
You have come along long way
To find yourSelves right HERE today.
And in this passage that has taken it’s time

You have come to believe in Another Time.
Another Time and Place to BE
And find yourSELF right here with ME.
For in these actions that you seek

To find yourSelves you get a peek.
Get a peek of Who You Be,
Get a peek of the Clear Blue See.(Sea).
For I do seldom see your faces

Upon the alter of My Graces.
But in truth your actions do hold you wide
And you receive MY GRACES from the Other Side.
You receive them clearly night and day

And bring them safely HOME today.
For in the Peace resides your soul
That wants to shout and now extol
That you are ONE most clearly, see?

That you are ONE inside of Me.
That you have never retreated off course,
But have shut your eyes instead, of course.
But now your eyes can truly see

That there is so much more to see.
That more will come to your abode,
The place where you reside and carry your load.
Release your baggage Physical and emotional.

Release that which gives you pain, that which causes you such indecisions, that which brings you dis-comfort, that which rips the shred of peace from you. Re-gain your Self(ves) by focusing on the LIGHT, ( the lightness that you feel inside your being) the place within you that tells you what to do when you are in such fear.

Find this Peace for yourselves and give it to the others.

Open yourself to the possibilities of sharing things with others, of giving to those who do not have that which you have whether it be peace or a piece of something that you hold so dear, a piece of something that you hold dear that is now causing you such pain and grief.

Release it and find your strength in ME for “I will give you rest,”

I shall give you a rest and ALL THE REST of what you need to BE.

The Ones that you Are to Be.

Hold to yourSelves and in that awareness you will find that peace within, that piece of yourSELF that births you such succor, such embrace, such release.

Fall into My arms and find your Strength, not weakness.

Give me you problems and I will find and lead the Way for you to regain that part of yourSELF that you have so promptly forgotten as a result of THIS PATH to HERE.

You are on your way back to Me to that Place Within where you find ME.

Hold to yourSelves, unclench your fists, and allow ME to fill you up.

I shall fill you with All that you need.

Re-gain that part of You for that Action Here.

10:33:22am =11 5/3

the number 33 means all things are possible and the Ascended Masters are surrounding you and the number 22 means unlimited potential mind, body and spirit.

Their Way Home is Through LOVE


“The web writing that I have in store for you today is to bring to them the enhancement of their meanings there.”

They have come to this fruition and now want to find their way HOME .

Their Way Home is Through LOVE. And that is that. They are meant to be of love, to live of love and to carry that message to the others around them there. They will see this LOVE as they traverse through this lifetime, Here. But for them this is a hard endeavor. They have not come from this knowing on the outer level. They do know this on the inner realms but fail to put this into use here at this time. For they are worried about what others think, what others do and what others say. Instead of finding WITHIN themselves the results of their own opinions, thoughts, deeds and speakings. For IT is now the Item to find these answers, rememberings WITHIN themselves and to come to trust that ALL is in command and ALL will bring divine Hand to this endeavor

9:11:33am 11/28

Your task is to find a way to bring this to the few and the many, to bring to them the knowing that they are THE LOVE, that they have only to but hold IT in their hands and ALL will be made clear to them and the others there.

But the few and the many discuss this at odds and find now reason to get together in this season. The getting together will bring them to the remembrance of their youths and their tasks as they continue to carry on to the Great Divide. The Great Division is of the heart, soul and mind and not of the entire Being that resides within each every one.

But in their attempts to discover this PLACE of UNION they have separated their Ways and now is the time to be re-united with themselves for the first time here on the earth.

You see this most ever in the deepest part of your being but even you do now carry this out in unison because you do understand where they are coming from.

It is so hard to separate yourSelves from the earthly plane, to find WITHIN the Truth of your Being and continue to carry it forward to the others there, to every action that you take, to every thought that you partake in.

But ALL of that can be changed in the blinking of an EYE. The EYE that is the All seeing, ALL knowing aspect of you. For you are united with the ONE, you a re-connected deep within your being-ness and just need to remember with that part of you that is not separate from you, but is deep within you there and Here.

ALL connected as ONE. ALL united together, ALL One, ALL.

It is the time for this remembrance for some of you know and in that remembering to share that with the others around you even those who do not understand what you are saying to them.

It begins with this booklet, this packaging up of These Words to give to those who do not read the internet who cannot now see in that manner. Those who need to have the Words held out before them there. Those in whom these Words will leave trace of remembrance. 9:17:09am

9:17:09am 11/28

The time of completion is soon upon you there and it is your task to bring them forward to the few and the many who will listen with their hearts, not just their ears. Who can see with their mind’s eye and now feel with their intuitions here.

They are the ones to whom these Words will be remembered.

They are the ones to find repose in this action.

You are just the messenger, and I am the Deliverer. I will make the way for this to take place. Your job, if you so chose, is to bring them into beingness(write them on down) and send them out in print in some manner. And give them to the ones who want them there. 9:18:54am 999 completion message to Light workers- get to work because Mother Earth needs you help right now. selflessness, dedication life to others, number of completion and ending, release, universal compassion, tolerance , wisdom”.


6:59:20am 9/9

“The Words that I do send to you

Will continue on with what you do.

For Here is After Thought you see

That brings you closer, closer to me.

To say to them that listens wide

That I have come right by your side.

To bring you love and discernation

Of All that’s present in This Nation.

The Nation rests aside each one

Holding their images under the Sun (Son).

For ever after shall you see

The beauty that resides in thee.

That resides in each the other

As you sit and call you brothers.

For in this day and in this night

There’s ever after True de-Light.

The day and night of which I speak

Is of the mind right now to peek.

The mind in dark remunerates

Until the Light it’s soul does take.

It takes the Light right to It’s Being

And holds It safe Within your seeing.

The dark, I speak of is of defense

Where Love and laughter are on the fence.

But bring the Light into your Being

And the dark will away in a moment of your ‘seeing’.

That All IS WELL This Side of Thee

And All IS WELL for you to BE.

Just BE the Ones you ought to BE,

The ones that you set out to see

And come now hither, come now on

Re-membering ever that you are strong .

That you are strong in mind you see?

And in your hearts and souls to be.

That more does falter from you with de-light

And brings you closer Here in this Night.

This is the Night of your soul’s recuperation

Where it is now being sought in the nation.

Where your soul find it’s way into your very Being

And holds you there safely now for your ‘seeing’.

I say this to you with broad ever Vision

In hopes you will ‘see’ that THERE IS NO DIVISION.

No Division ever, no division you see?

But perfect communion in All Here To BE.

7:04:51am 9/9

Today is the day of your true broad desires

To fulfill now the actions that you now do aspire.

The actions set forth before with your kin

To help you on out of this world (whirl) that you’re in.

Just step from this fashion, just step with repose

And you will find out the results of this hose.

The hose is the pipeline of fragrance you see

That includes All My Words that I send now to thee.

To give to the others is now your command

To bring them relief from their selves in this band.

This band now of energy where you find yourself on.

The places you walk through and bring yourself Dawn.

For it is here you dis-cover the traits of your Kin

And hold them together as you Truly Walk in.

Walk in to your Being, Walk in to your Souls,

Walk in through the darkness, the Light Here suppose. 7:07:50.

Forever now after I come here again

To bring now My Words through the help of this pen.” 7:08:15 communication.


9/12 7:07:45am

” The Words that I do bring on side

will help you now, to ever decide.

Decide for selves what will you do

as you traverse now in the zoo.

Traverse wisely you are told,

to take yourself to places untold.

To gain the image of This One

and to hold it safely under the Sun (Son).

Forever after you shall ‘See’

with Eyes so wide, so wide to be.

For you have Answers in your Beings

that will hold you wide now for your Seeing.

To ask the questions of This One,

to gain your freedom under the Son (Sun).

I would now, speak to you with Words that you do understand at this time. These Words that I have been sending to you have been a concentrated effort to gain your trust and attention.

You, dear ones, have just forgotten your Ways and Means.

You are just about to Re-Member with these Expressions.

This is the Time for that to be happening.

She will send These Words to you, as per her command, in hopes that many will find for ThemSelves the Truth of These Ways.

To shine the Light of Love and profusion on each and All is the meaning of These Ways, and for you to shine your Light and Love on All as well.

This is a two-way street, one coming from ME and the other coming from you. Not just to Me but to All in those around you, for they are Me as well.

Do you not see that ? Can you not feel that?

You All are One. Not just connected together as One but Being The One. You are One.

Now what does that mean to you? Where can that notion take you?

It can take you to your Remembrances. It can take you to the wants and desires of the few and the many around you there.

You are One is a novel notion. A Notion of Connection to One and the Same.

Respond and reflect on these ideas for yourselves. Keep Me close at hand. For it is in the knowing that you find your freedom, the freedom from your ancestors, from your pasts, from your dividing thoughts of aggression and resentments.

It is only In Love that We are united once more together again.

For Love is the Way Home. For Love is the Answer and the Key to your salvation – the saving of your souls, and your minds and your hearts. Salv-ation. The soothing of your beings.

Respite is a requirement. For in the quiet of repose you can reflect on these ideas and notions. For it is in the quiet that you will find Me and thus find YourSELF.

It is in the quiet of repose that miraculous things occur, things that you would never have thought of, ideas to help you in your days (daze), ideas that can help you in your ways (weighs).

More shall be revealed, in actuality More Shall Be Re-Membered.

The veil from your ‘Eyes’ shall be lifted even more. One bit at a time, one byte at a time, A bit and a byte, terms you know so well.

Little by little, step-by-step. each are beginning their Journey back home to Re-Membrance through Love.

For Love is the Answer and Love is the Key

that opens wide your connection to Me.

For to love yourself as your neighbor

is to Love the Whole, the Entirety, The ONE, The ALL. ”



9/13 7:12:12am

1+2 and 1+2 = ’33’means all things are possible.

” THE WORDS that I have left for you

will help them out now, in the zoo.

The is place of learning brings you mirth

as you do settle by your birth.

This Place of Actions brings galore

the meanings of your heart’s implore.

To settle in the depths of thee

to settle Here and meet with ME.

For ever after shall you ‘See’

with Brand New Eyes in front of ME.

Now I shall speak to you in the Words of your kin. The Words that will help them to understand that ALL is the Action that they need ever take, The Action that will bring them to Me, to ThemSelves, to The Heart of the Matter (body), to the searching of their soul’s reposition.

For they have come thus far in the meeting of their ways to SEE with those ‘New Eyes’, to HEAR with those ‘New Ears’.

You have come at this time to help them to operate on a New Dimension of Existence .

You are the One to be doing that here. You are the One at this time here.

For with you and they, ALL will be accomplished in this era.

Send My Words to them as the dawn strikes the day. And the Dawn Will Strike Them As Well.

They will ‘See’ and ‘Hear’ and ‘Know’ what it is they are to be knowing. For in the After Life All is One and understood.

7:16:32am =10

7+1+6+3+2 = the # ’10’

( ’10’ means Balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. A reminder you are One with God and to feel the Presence of your Creator’s Love Within you. The situation has come full circle.)

The information that I would like to say unto you at this time is that You are One. All are together in this endeavor to return to Me, to return to that place Within where they seek to say, “There is rest.” The search takes them so far away from ThemSELVES. But, the search is beginning, on some levels, to return to The Source of it All.

It is the Time for these machinations to stop. To find Within their peace and repose, to take the time to observe for themselves the results of their daze (days) and weighs (ways). The weighs that I speak of are the many opportunities that pass on by.

It is what you weigh out, what you think upon; where your mind takes you instead of Within. it takes you with out. And then you are with-out, without the companionship of Me, without the companionship of You, without YourSELVES; out of your bodies, so to speak. But take YOU out of your mind and All Will Be Well.

In this Quiet Place where All does reside much can be learned and deciphered. For it is in the Light of this Madness that revelation occurs, that Awareness arrives and All makes some sense.

I grant you the opportunities and the offerings. It is up to you to take The Call and come to reside in the Best of It ALL.

For it is Here that you shall See and that you shall find and that you shall reside in Peace ever more. In the Peace that exists amidst the strides and strife of your days (daze), Re-Member With Me. Re-connect, Re-join, Re-find YourSELVES and Miracles occur.

Miraculous events seem real enough, but This Miracle of Connection is the Miracle of Miracles. It is the ‘Mirror’. It is the Realm of the Souls’ connection to the One.

It is in this feeling that Peace resides and All anguish subsides. It is Within.

How do you get there? Is the question on your minds.

In the quiet moments of your Birth, in the quiet moments of your ‘See’-king (seek-ing), in the quiet moments, alone with Me, not alone from the world, alone with Me; connected most ever here by the Sea. (See)”

7:24:42am = ’10’

’10’ means Balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. A reminder you are One with God and to feel the Presence of your Creator’s Love Within you. The situation has come full circle.


9/23 9:15:25pm

” The WORDS now have been given to they

to help them out with each their day.

And they have found a new decision

has come to them with no derision

That they do sit inside, you see,

and watch the world go by, to be.

But truly Be the Ones you ought

and ever after you’ll be sought.

Be sought for In-Sights that you give

To hand to them, those that live.

Those that live in condemnation

Of all that’s holy conflagration.

But ease and happiness abounds Within

as All the others find help, not sin.

The sin I mention is of the lack

of love that they have that causes them to crack.

But simply put, you now do ‘See’

with Brand New Eyes in front of Me.

That More is to come that gives you worth

than the presents presented here on earth.

The presents (Presence) I speak of Truly today

will help you OUT along the Way.

Out of yourselves, and Out of this world

and help you to gain your Presence, unfurled.

The Presence I speak of is the One of your Kind

where you come your way and now are not blind.

Forever after you’ll come to This Pen

and find for yourselves the results Here again.

I would like to say to you that your job has been well done, that you have brought to the many and the few a different now look at the passing of the View. And I will recede into the recesses of each Mind and help them to Be-Come, to become aware of All that is happening. That ALL is about to happen that will bring them to their Senses, the Senses that are hidden from view for most of the earth’s people. But the Senses are there just awaiting their unfoldment. They are the Senses that are received and returned into view as you walk from that Side to This. You are the ones on a passage,

a passage from Light to Dark and Back again.

The Light is about to dawn for many of you. You are at the beginning of your passage into The Great Unknown, that Realm of undifferentiation where All is the Same and None has a Name,

But others around you will come for to seek

to find for themSelves their results in this week.

9:21:42= 9 completion.

9:22pm= unlimited potential.

The WORDS that I have given thee

will help you All now here to see.

To see the meanings of your youth

and carry you further ever forsooth.

I shall begin at the Beginning. At the Place where you started your Journey Here from the Known to the Unknown. This is the place where you develop your ‘Seeing’. This Seeing that I speak of is the Seeing that you had long before ‘Time’.

This is the ‘Time’ of which I speak. This is the passage of the worlds around you there, the worlds that encircle you and keep you entrapped in what you do. But as you dis-cover All that is to be Seen, you shall find for yourselves the results of this Conflagration, this burning up of karma, this passage from your youth into the lessening of your strife where your pain does get resolved and you seek another Way, a Way from this world into another WORLD. A place where you return to YourSELVES, a Place where ALL is One, a Place of satisfaction with the demands of a few.

Forever after reflect on these notions that are given to you here

and then you shall find your Peace, ever clear.

9/23 9:26:12pm